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    X-Tend stainless steel cable mesh uses wire ropes that are neither knotted nor crossed. This design uses parallel stainless steel wire ropes, connected and curved by stainless steel ferrules. We make stainless steel cable mesh in custom widths and lengths to fit your balustrade, railing, or architectural needs. We also offer diagonal and irregular shapes.

    How to Make Stainless Steel X-Tend Mesh

    Materials Needed:

    1. Stainless Steel Wire Ropes
      • High-quality stainless steel cables, typically AISI 304 or AISI 316.
    2. Stainless Steel Ferrules
      • Small metal fittings used to connect and curve the wire ropes.
    3. Specialized Tools
      • Ferrule pressing machine
      • Measuring tools
      • Cutting tools

    Steps to Make X-Tend Mesh:

    1. Prepare the Wire Ropes
      • Cut the stainless steel wire ropes to the desired lengths based on the required width and height of the mesh.
      • Ensure all wire ropes are straight and free of kinks or bends.
    2. Arrange the Wire Ropes
      • Lay out the wire ropes parallel to each other.
      • Keep equal spacing between the ropes according to the desired mesh aperture (opening size).
    3. Insert the Ferrules
      • Slide the stainless steel ferrules onto the wire ropes at regular intervals.
      • Place the ferrules where the ropes intersect to create the diamond pattern.
    4. Press the Ferrules
      • Use a ferrule pressing machine to press the ferrules firmly onto the wire ropes.
      • Ensure each ferrule is securely attached and curves the ropes reciprocally to form the mesh structure.
    5. Check the Mesh Pattern
      • Stretch the mesh to a 60-degree angle to form the diamond shape.
      • Verify that the pattern is uniform and the ferrules are properly aligned.
    6. Cut and Trim
      • Trim any excess wire rope from the edges of the mesh.
      • Ensure all edges are smooth and even.
    7. Quality Check
      • Inspect the finished mesh for any defects or loose ferrules.
      • Test the mesh for flexibility and strength.
    8. Customization
      • If needed, adjust the mesh to fit specific architectural designs, including diagonal and irregular shapes.
      • Apply any additional finishes, such as black anodizing or galvanizing, for extra durability and aesthetic appeal.

    Final Steps:

    1. Packaging
      • Roll up or fold the finished mesh carefully to avoid damage.
      • Pack the mesh securely for transportation.
    2. Installation
      • Follow the installation guidelines for attaching the mesh to balustrades, railings, or other architectural applications.

    By following these steps, you can create durable and flexible X-Tend stainless steel mesh for various uses.

    Flexible Design

    The “X” in X-Tend comes from the way the mesh forms a diamond pattern when stretched. This pattern looks like a series of X’s. The mesh can be stretched at different angles, usually around 60 degrees, to create this distinctive shape.

    Strong and Durable

    Made from stainless steel, X-Tend mesh is very strong and can handle a lot of weight. It doesn’t rust or corrode, so it lasts a long time even in harsh weather. This makes it ideal for outdoor use, such as in fences, railings, and animal enclosures.


    X-Tend mesh can be custom-made to fit different sizes and shapes. Whether you need it for a small railing or a large fence, it can be made to fit perfectly. It can also be applied vertically or horizontally, depending on your design needs.

    Aesthetic Appeal

    The diamond-shaped pattern of X-Tend mesh gives it a sleek and modern look. It adds an elegant touch to architectural designs and is often used in buildings, bridges, and other structures. The mesh provides safety without blocking views, making it a popular choice for designers.

    Versatile Applications

    You can use X-Tend mesh in many different ways. It’s great for safety railings, green walls, zoo enclosures, and more. Its flexibility and strength make it suitable for both functional and decorative purposes.






    1. X tend stainless steel cable mesh Made of high-quality stainless steel wire rope
    2. Material group: AISI 304, 304 L, 316, 316L
    3. Mesh sizes range from 30mm x 30mm to 250mm x 250mm with stainless cable diameters from 1.2mm to 3.2mm.
    4. Soft to the touch, can’t hurt hands.
    5. Lightweight, but strong
    6. Life span more than 30 years
    7. Environmental degradation resistance, say, corrosion, ultraviolet
    8. Excellent flexibility for challenging installations


    Our x tend stainless steel cable mesh is widely used as Stainless Steel Garden Trellis, Plant Trellis, Flex Mesh Green Wall, Stainless Steel Fencing, ceilings, banister fillings, stair protections, mesh fence.
    • 1. Green Facade – Cable System for Most Climbing Plants
    • 2. Aviary Netting – Lightweight, Durable and Long Lasting
    • 3. Cable Zoo Mesh – Solution to Enclosing Most Animals
    • 4. Helipad Safety Net – Modular Heliport Webbing
    • 5. Safety Net – Structural Measure to Prevent Suicide
    • 6. Cable Mesh – Excellent Solution to Safety
    • 7. Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh Balustrade – bridge, stair, balcony, path
    Wire Construction  Diameter Mesh Opening
    7×19 1/8” 120x208mm
    7×19 1/8” 100x173mm
    7×19 1/8” 90x156mm
    7×7 3/32” 100x173mm
    7×7 3/32” 90x156mm
    7×7 3/32” 100x173mm
    7×7 3/32” 90x156mm
    7×7 5/64” 80x139mm
    7×7 5/64” 70x121mm
    7×7 5/64” 80x139mm
    7×7 5/64” 70x121mm
    7×7 1/16” 60x104mm
    7×7 1/16” 51x87mm
    7×7 1/16” 70x121mm
    7×7 1/16” 51x87mm
    7×7 3/64” 80x139mm
    7×7 3/64” 70x121mm
    7×7 3/64” 60x104mm
    7×7 3/64” 50x87mm

    stainless steel cable mesh chemical compositions

    SS304 (%) C:≤0.07, Si :≤1.0, Mn :≤2.0, Cr :17.0-19.0, Ni :8.0-11.0, S :≤0.03, P :≤0.035
    SS316 (%) C:≤0.08, Si:≤1.00, Mn:≤2.00, P≤:0.035, S:≤0.03, Ni:10.0-14.0, Cr:16.0-18.5
    SS316L (%)C:≤0.03, Si:≤1.00, Mn:≤2.00, P:≤0.045, S:≤0.030, Cr:16.0~18.0, Ni:12.0~15.0

    X-Tend stainless steel cable mesh comes in custom widths and lengths to fit your architectural needs. When stretched at a 60 degree angle, it forms a diamond mesh pattern. We also offer diagonal and irregular shapes. You can apply the mesh vertically or horizontally to match your fence or railing design and desired look.

    The cable net ferrule type features a rhombus mesh. It has excellent flexibility and is almost indestructible. This mesh resists impacts and has a high breaking force. It also withstands rain, snow, and hurricanes.


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    X tend mesh

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