Stainless Steel Cable Black Oxide Wire Rope Mesh &black oxide wire rope mesh

black cable wire rope mesh

Stainless steel black oxide wire rope mesh dyeing technology has developed rapidly in recent years. BMP is heavily investing in the development of new stainless steel products. After years of technical research, our black stainless steel cable mesh products are stained by oxidation to form a black oxide coating on the wire rope’s surface. The color is uniform, without color and lasting. At the same time, this oxidation coating makes the wire rope mesh have a long life and have strong corrosion resistance. Black stainless steel wire mesh (other names: black stainless steel wire mesh, black oxide mesh, black wire mesh, black stainless steel wire mesh, black metal mesh, black metal mesh, black wire mesh, black wire mesh, black oxide mesh, black flexible metal mesh, black oxide zoo mesh) is your best choice.

We have prepared various accessories of the same color to provide better results. Once the black oxide wire rope mesh was developed, customers favored it everywhere. The black stainless steel rope mesh is handwoven by 304 / 316 wire rope through a unique surface treatment process, forming a black oxide coating, giving customers more options. Black stainless steel wire rope network is also known as black steel wire net, black steel wire net, black steel wire zoo network, black stainless steel cable woven net, handwoven steel wire rope network, black oxidation zoo network, etc. Black stainless steel mesh is more beautiful, more advanced, and has the same advantages as natural color stainless steel mesh.

Advantages black oxide wire rope mesh

ferrule black oxide wire mesh

1, soft and flexible. It has an excessive force resistance to the fracture force and is almost unbreakable.
2, weatherproof type with long service life.
3, The construction is durable and straightforward. Various specifications and extensive applications.
4, black oxide wire rope mesh is a light, good perspective, smooth surface and luxurious appearance.
5, It is flexible and can accommodate a variety of shapes and designs.


Black stainless steel cable mesh has the same performance as natural color stainless steel cable mesh, but it is more corrosion resistant and beautiful. At the same time, the black stainless steel rope mesh appearance can be combined with the surrounding environment. Even in the sunlight, it has no light pollution or reflection. It can provide a better living habitat for the animals. Black stainless steel wire rope mesh combines flexibility and sturdiness to accommodate various animals safely. Second, the surface is smooth and flexible; any shape, smooth surface can better protect the animal’s fur from damage. 

Black stainless steel wire mesh has a unique beauty can be widely used in zoo fences, zoo mesh, zoo wire mesh, zoo steel wire cable mesh, green plant climbing, indoor exhibition hall decoration, etc. The design is more humanized than the natural stainless steel rope mesh. Black stainless steel wire rope mesh has muscular tensile strength, sizeable braking force and good protection effect. Corrosion resistance and rust resistance features make it suitable for various outdoor climates. At the same time, its maintenance cost was meager and lasted for over 30 years. Even the initial investment can be considered relatively cost-effective. The black stainless steel wire mesh comes in various sizes to meet the various customized needs of the customer. The product’s flexibility makes it suitable for various designs and shapes and easy to install. I believe that BMP is your best choice.



Hole Size

(7 x 7 )

(7 x 7 )

(7 x 7 )

(7 x 7 )

(7 x 19 )

20 x 35mm-black oxide wire rope meshF-1235    
25 x 42mmF-1225F-1625   
30 x 52mmF-1230F-1630F-2030  
35 x 60mmF-1235F-1635F-2035  
38 x 66mmF-1238F-1638F-2038F-2438 
40 x 69mm-black oxide wire rope meshF-1240F-1640F-2040F-2440F-3040
50 x 86mmF-1250F-1650F-2050F-2450F-3050
60 x 104mmF-1260F-1660F-2060F-2460F-3060
70 x 120mmF-1270F-1670F-2070F-2470F-3070
76 x 131mmF-1276F-1676F-2076F-2476F-3076
80 x 138mmF-1280F-1680F-2080F-2480F-3080
90 x 154mmF-1290F-1690F-2090F-2490F-3090
100 x 173mmF-12100F-16100F-20100F-24100F-30100
120 x 206mm-F-12120F-16120F-20120F-24120F-30120