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    • Description

    Stainless steel wire rope woven mesh is widely used for designing animal fences, often called “zoo netting” or “zoo mesh.” The most popular application for zoo mesh is aviaries and animal enclosures. You can create a natural environment for animals, making zoo netting ideal for monkey and tiger enclosures and aviary cages. It is also suitable for predatory animals like Siberian tigers, panthers, and snow leopards. In principle, the stainless steel wire rope mesh works for most land animal species.

    The mesh offers flexibility and a soft touch, which feels natural and protects animal feathers and fur while preventing rodent entry. It provides a safe and comfortable living environment for animals. Stainless steel wire rope woven mesh also allows visitors to watch animals better and prevents animal attacks on visitors. In other words, stainless steel wire rope mesh shortens the distance between visitors and animals.

    Product Description:

    • High-strength, flexible stainless steel wire rope woven mesh
    • Ideal for aviaries and animal enclosures
    • Suitable for a wide range of animals, including predators
    • Soft and natural feel for animal safety and comfort
    • Prevents rodent entry and protects animal feathers and fur
    • Enhances visitor experience and safety by providing clear views and preventing attacks


    stainless steel wire rope woven mesh are customized. We can do the specifications of the mesh as your demand.


    •  Wire diameter : 1.0 mm – 4.0mm
    •  Mesh hole size 20*20mm – 300*300mm or bigger
    •  Material : AISI304,316,316L etc
    •  Cable structure 7*7,7*19
    •  Mesh Type: Ferrule or Knotted
    •  Angle 60-90 degrees
    •  Hole shape Diamond or Square
    •  Technique Hand woven mesh
    Steel wire mesh structure
    Breaking force (KN)
    Wire rope diameter (mm)
    Mesh size (mm)


    Our stainless steel wire rope woven mesh is 304, 316 or 316L stainless steel. Colour can be customized, usually in stainless steel primary colour or black oxide. The black oxide stainless steel is widely used in sun-direct areas because the feature to absorb the sunlight will make the eyes feel comfortable.


    Mesh Hole And Cable Structure Our webnet stainless steel mesh Show:

    • Cable Structure and Wire Diameter; Stainless steel wire rope diameters of 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, and 3mm are available to produce the required mesh. The cable structure of 7*7 or 7*19 is also available for your choice.
    •  webnet stainless steel mesh Aperture; Along with the cable diameter, the mesh width contributes to the aesthetics, such as the level of transparency; therefore, the more significant the width, the more transparent it will be. Another consideration is the climbing ability, which should be considered, especially in public places. Our mesh widths range from 24mm to 300mm.


    •  Lightweight, high strength, never rust, good flexibility, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, large breaking force, solid and durable overall structure, and more than 30 years of service life.
    •  Close to nature, green and environmentally friendly. It used in any climatic environment, does not change colour under long-term sunlight, and will not rust in rain, snow, and fog.
    • The mesh surface of the stainless steel rope net is flat, with good permeability, integrating seamlessly with the environment. It has a luxurious appearance and a novel style, creating an extensive and unique landscape.
    • Stainless steel wire rope woven mesh offers unlimited design options. Designers can freely choose the aperture and rope diameter. It is easy to install and can be applied to any construction project. No maintenance is required after installation.


    Shipping For stainless steel wire rope woven mesh :

    About the shipping method, Shippment: Depending on the quantity of the order, it usually is for 7-15 days. There are different ways of transportation available for delivery:

    1. By express. Our partner company has FedEx, TNT Express, DHL Express. Shipping time is generally 3-7 days. The webnet stainless steel mesh package will be sent to your door.
    2. By air. Our nearest airport is Beijing Airport, and the transportation time is generally 3-7 days, requiring customers to go to the airport to clear customs and pick the package up…
    3. By sea. Our nearest port is Tianjin Port; the transportation time is usually 7-30 days, requiring customers to arrive at the port for customs clearance.

    •  Packing: Plastic foam and Water-proof Cloth for inter packing, Fumigated wooden cases for outer packing.
    •  Lead time: Most webnet stainless steel mesh orders will arrange within 24hours; lead time is between 7-15 days depending on the quantum of order.

    The main feature  stainless steel wire rope woven mesh

    1. The stainless steel wire rope mesh is clipped to the cable.
    2. The hole size and diameter can be modified.
    3. It can be made to customer orders and statically tested – especially suitable for facades.
    4. High strength, strong toughness, free-angle curving and fold, easy for transportation and instalment.
    5. Anti-corrosive, resist the rust, can be repeated use.
    6. Resists chewing by rodents and other pests (tensile strength approximately 100-110,000 PSI)
    7. This product can very much bear the heavy snow and gale.
    8. Without toxic material, safety, environmental protection.
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