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Stainless steel wire rope protection mesh is manufactured from high-grade stainless steel cables of AISI316. It is widely used in decorating, constructing, and transforming animal fences and gardens in zoos, wildlife parks, marine parks, and other similar environments. In addition, the stainless steel rope mesh is also suitable for sports, acrobatics, home decoration, architectural decoration and other fields. Stainless steel cable mesh safety mesh products have various specifications suitable for the different installation environments. We will recommend the wire rope diameter, mesh opening and installation suggestions suitable for each installation place according to the different requirements of customers. The product always does justice to the individual requirements.

Basically information Stainless Steel Wire rope mesh

Material Stainless Steel 304 316 316L
Wire Rope Diameter 1.2mm,1.5mm,1.6mm,2.0mm,2.4mm.3.2mm,4.0mm are popular(customized)
Mesh Opeing Size 1-1/2”x1-1/2”, 2”x2”,3”x3”,4”x4”,4.75”x4.75” are popular(customized)
Wire Rope Mesh Quality Geade A
Usage Safety mesh, architectural mesh, zoo Mesh, Animal Enclosure, decoration mesh etc.
Rope Construction 7×7,7×19,1×19


Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh Safety Mesh Available Specifications

parameters of wire rope mesh
Rope Diameter 1.2mm 1.6mm 2.0mm 2.4mm 3.2mm
Structure 7×7 7×19
Single Wire TS(N/mm2) 1770 1570

Stainless Steel cable Mesh Safety Protection Specifications Sheet 

Hole Size



(7 x 7 )


(7 x 7 )


(7 x 7 )


(7 x 7 )


(7 x 19 )

20 x 35mm F-1235
25 x 42mm F-1225 F-1625
30 x 52mm F-1230 F-1630 F-2030
35 x 60mm F-1235 F-1635 F-2035
38 x 66mm F-1238 F-1638 F-2038 F-2438
40 x 69mm F-1240 F-1640 F-2040 F-2440 F-3040
50 x 86mm F-1250 F-1650 F-2050 F-2450 F-3050
60 x 104mm F-1260 F-1660 F-2060 F-2460 F-3060
70 x 120mm F-1270 F-1670 F-2070 F-2470 F-3070
76 x 131mm F-1276 F-1676 F-2076 F-2476 F-3076
80 x 138mm F-1280 F-1680 F-2080 F-2480 F-3080
90 x 154mm F-1290 F-1690 F-2090 F-2490 F-3090
100 x 173mm F-12100 F-16100 F-20100 F-24100 F-30100
120 x 206mm stainless steel wire rope mesh F-12120 F-16120 F-20120 F-24120 F-30120

Webnet Wire Chemical Compostions 

SS304 (%) C:≤0.07, Si :≤1.0, Mn :≤2.0, Cr :17.0-19.0, Ni :8.0-11.0, S :≤0.03, P :≤0.035
SS316 (%) C:≤0.08, Si:≤1.00, Mn:≤2.00, P≤:0.035, S:≤0.03, Ni:10.0-14.0, Cr:16.0-18.5
SS316L (%)C:≤0.03, Si:≤1.00, Mn:≤2.00, P:≤0.045, S:≤0.030, Cr:16.0~18.0, Ni:12.0~15.0

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh is custom manufactured in widths and lengths to suit your architectural application. Finished diamond mesh style when stretched at 60-degree angle; Diagonal and irregular shapes can also be supplied. Mesh can be applied vertically or horizontally, depending on the fence or railing design and the required aesthetics.


316 “marine grade” stainless steel Innovative, highly durable product Black anodised or galvanised finish options Great prices Professional, friendly service The pliable, high strength mesh systems wide range of sizes is available UV and weather-resistant Fast turnaround

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh Applications

1 Building Facade screens,
2 Green wall systems
3 Balustrade & Railing
4 Bird protection netting,
5 Security platform fence. Isolate fence, Garden fence,
6 Animal enclosures in the zoo

diamond ferrule rope mesh for sale


​Kindly Reminder: Price for Stainless Steel Aviary Wire Rope Mesh:

  •  Please confirm the wire diameter and hole size you want?
  •  Which Constructions of wire rope mesh do you prefer? Knotted or Ferruled.
  •  What is the material of the wire rope Mesh you want? SS304,SS316 or SS316L .
  •  Also please tell us the dimension of the wire rope mesh you prefer and the quantity.
  •  You can also tell me where will you use the mesh then I will give you some advice based on your needs.

When we get your confirmations, then we will be able to offer our exact price timely.

stainless steel wire rope mesh for sale


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