stainless steel wire mesh netting

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Brand: BMP
  • Type: Stainless steel wire rope mesh
  • Technology: Handwoven
  • Material: Stainless steel 304/316
  • Wire rope diameter: 1.00MM to 4.00MM
  • Wire rope structure: 7 x 7 cores
  • Mesh size: 19.1mm(3/4″ x 3/4″)
  • Sheet panel size: Customized

MOQ: 100 sq.ft
SHIPPING: Express | Air | Ocean

Practical Application: animal enclosure, animal wire mesh fencing. Examples, birdcage mesh, bird netting, and starling protective mesh.

CABLE ROPE MESH (likewise called stainless steel wire mesh netting is made from high-grade stainless-steel cable rope, with exceptionally anti-corrosion and also resistance to UV rays, and has a lengthy life expectancy in severe environments. As well as its most significant advantage is certain durability and versatility. Our rope mesh might be knotted, ferrule type, woven square, or square mesh with cruciate/cross clamps. They are all favored by fashion architects.

These stainless steel wire mesh netting with diamond openings are extremely transparent which indicates the mesh allows excellent air circulation as well as lighting to allow encased animals to live secure and also not understand they are restricted. Additionally, they never ever secure site visitors’ views as well as maintain them free of bird strikes at the same time. Above all, it is strong sufficient to endure chewing by rats and other pests without affecting their health because of its safe material. It matches for constraining most animal types, whether it be little animals, primates, tigers, pumas, leopards or huge birds.

Our series of stainless-steel cable zoo mesh displays high stamina, solid strength, exceptional deterioration resistance, lightweight framework, and very easy transport as well as installment. Meanwhile, it enables duplicated use that enhances cost efficient to the largest extent.

Details stainless steel wire mesh netting

  • Excellent Flexibility Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh For Staircases
  • Product Type: Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh ;
  • Material: Stainless Steel ;
  • Material Grade: AISI 316 ;
  • Wire Rope Thickness: 1.6 mm or 1.5 mm ;
  • Aperture: wide 60 mm by high 105 mm ;
  • Type: Ferruled ;


stainless steel cable netting can be applied in either a vertical or horizontal direction-dependent the fence or railing design; Finished diamond mesh style when it is stretched at a 60-degree angle ;

stainless steel wire mesh netting Specification 

Wire Cable Constructure Diameter Wire Rope Mesh Opening
7×19 1/8” 120x208mm
7×19 1/8” 100x173mm
7×19 1/8” 90x156mm
7×7 3/32” 100x173mm
7×7 3/32” 90x156mm
7×7 3/32” 100x173mm
7×7 3/32” 90x156mm
7×7 5/64” 80x139mm
7×7 5/64” 70x121mm
7×7 5/64” 80x139mm
7×7 5/64” 70x121mm
7×7-stainless steel wire mesh netting 1/16” 60x104mm
7×7 1/16” 51x87mm
7×7 1/16” 70x121mm
7×7 1/16” 51x87mm
7×7 3/64” 80x139mm
7×7 3/64” 70x121mm
7×7 3/64” 60x104mm
7×7 3/64” 50x87mm


  1. Unique design idea, X tend mesh style
  2. Flexible, elegant, discreet, filigreed, multifunctional.
  3. Corrosion-resistant allows strong airflow.
  4. Fully pro-environment, recyclable, no toxic and flammable.
  5. Easy installation
  6. Once steel cable mesh is used, maintenance-free, don’t ask for any special cleaning or coating.
  7. Long use life


  1. Building Facade screens,
  2. Green wall systems
  3. Balustrade & Railing
  4. Bird protection netting,
  5. Security platform fence. Isolate fence, Garden fence,
  6. Animal enclosures in the zoo

stainless steel wire mesh netting


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