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    Stainless steel wire mesh for birds, inter-woven type, is usually used in animal or birdcages, also called zoo mesh. The mesh has muscular tensile strength, high flexibility, high transparency, and a wide span. The flexible s.s. Compared with other mesh products, cable mesh has unreplaceable advantages in practicability, security, aesthetic property, durability, etc.

    Specifications stainless steel wire mesh for birds:

    The stainless steel wire mesh for birds is used for a safety net, such as a mountain-proof net, birdhouse net, zoo fence, farm fence, etc. There are two kinds: the woven type aviary wire rope net and the loop type aviary wire rope net. Braiding type material: STAINLESS STEEL 304,304L, 316,316L. The steel wire structures are 7×7 and 7×19. Cable diameters include 1/8″, 3/32″, 1/16″and 3/64″. Standard Mesh sizes include 1″x 1″, 1-1/2″x 1-1/2″, 2″x 2″, 3″x 3″and 4″x 4″. FERRULE type material: STAINLESS STEEL 304,304L, 316,316L. Steel wire structures are 7×7 and 7×19. Cable diameters include 1/8″, 3/32″, 1/16″and 3/64″. Standard Mesh sizes include 2″x 2″, 3″x 3″and 4″x 4″.

    Mesh Aperture 1.2MM (3/64) (7 x 7) 1.6MM (1/16) (7 x 7) 2.0MM (5/64) (7 x 7) 2.4MM (3/32) (7 x 7) 3.2MM (1/8) (7 x 19)
    20 x 35mm BMP-1235
    25 x 42mm BMP-1225 BMP-1625
    30 x 52mm BMP-1230 BMP-1630 BMP-2030
    35 x 60mm BMP-1235 BMP-1635 BMP-2035
    38 x 66mm BMP-1238 BMP-1638 BMP-2038 BMP-2438
    40 x 69mm BMP-1240 BMP-1640 BMP-2040 BMP-2440 BMP-3040
    50 x 86mm BMP-1250 BMP-1650 BMP-2050 BMP-2450 BMP-3050
    60 x 104mm BMP-1260 BMP-1660 BMP-2060 BMP-2460 BMP-3060
    70 x 120mm BMP-1270 BMP-1670 BMP-2070 BMP-2470 BMP-3070
    76 x 131mm BMP-1276 BMP-1676 BMP-2076 BMP-2476 BMP-3076
    80 x 138mm BMP-1280 BMP-1680 BMP-2080 BMP-2480 BMP-3080
    90 x 154mm BMP-1290 BMP-1690 BMP-2090 BMP-2490 BMP-3090
    100 x 173mm BMP-12100 BMP-16100 BMP-20100 BMP-24100 BMP-30100
    120 x 206mm BMP-12120 BMP-16120 BMP-20120 BMP-24120 BMP-30120


    wire mesh for birds Mesh Opening Introduction: 





    •  Lightweight, good flexibility, impact resistance, the solid and durable overall structure
    •  Durable Will does not change color under long-term sunlight, corrosion-resistant in a humid environment.
    •  Good perspective Smooth mesh, good permeability, luxurious appearance, novel style
    •  Various specifications The aperture-rope diameter can be arbitrarily designed, and the installation is convenient.
    • Stainless steel wire mesh for birds comes with Strong cushioning Good elasticity, cushioning solid force, can withstand substantial impacts.​


    Stainless steel wire mesh for birds are ideal for bird applications because it is durable and safe. It prevents birds from escaping and keeps predators out. The mesh resists rust and corrosion, ensuring long-term use. Its smooth surface prevents injury to birds. You can easily clean and maintain it. Choose the right mesh size to suit different bird species. For smaller birds, use finer mesh. For larger birds, opt for a wider mesh. Stainless steel wire mesh provides a secure and comfortable environment for your birds.

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