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    China stainless steel cable rope mesh, especially the inox cable mesh with sleeves, is more used in fields like railing on bridges and stairs, large fences, and building facade grid systems. As an emerging architectural decoration and protection product, stainless steel cable mesh provides a new fashion element for modern architectural decoration and gardening projects. It is more and more favoured by designers and customers worldwide.

    Advantages of China Stainless Steel Cable Rope Mesh Compared to Local Suppliers

    1. Cost-Effectiveness:

    • China Supplier: Typically offers lower prices due to large-scale production and lower labor costs.
    • Local Supplier: Generally higher prices due to smaller production scales and higher labor costs.

    2. Manufacturing Expertise:

    • China Supplier: 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting stainless steel cable rope mesh.
    • Local Supplier: May have less experience or a smaller portfolio in comparison.

    3. Quality Assurance:

    • China Supplier: Consistently produces high-quality products with advanced technology and strict quality control.
    • Local Supplier: Quality can vary, and advanced manufacturing technologies might be less prevalent.

    4. Customization Options:

    • China Supplier: Offers a wide range of customizable solutions for various applications, including zoo mesh, safety fences, and architectural mesh.
    • Local Supplier: Customization options may be limited due to smaller production capacities and less diverse technology.

    5. Range of Applications:

    • China Supplier: Products are used globally in fall prevention, animal fences, bird cages, green walls, and rockfall protection.
    • Local Supplier: Might have a narrower application range, primarily serving local or regional markets.

    6. Innovation and Technology:

    • China Supplier: Invests heavily in R&D to stay ahead in innovation and technology.
    • Local Supplier: Innovation might be slower due to limited R&D resources.

    7. Global Reach and Distribution:

    • China Supplier: Extensive global network ensures timely delivery and support.
    • Local Supplier: Distribution may be more localized with potential delays in broader reach.

    8. Customer Support and Services China stainless steel cable rope mesh supplier:

    • China Supplier: Offers comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services with multilingual support.
    • Local Supplier: Customer support may be more accessible but could lack the extensive resources of larger suppliers.


    • The mesh is woven entirely from high-quality stainless steel wire cable.
    • The material is imported from South Korea and Japan; stainless steel grades include 304, 304L, 316, and 316L.
    • The structure of stainless steel wire cable includes 7×7 and 7×19.
    • Stainless steel cable diameters include 3/64 inch, 1/16 inch, 5/64 inch, 3/32 inch, and 1/8 inch.
    • The mesh opening is rhombic, standard mesh opening size include: 1″×1″ , 1.5″×1.5″, 2″×2″, 3″×3″, 4″×4″ etc.

    china stainless steel cable rope mesh specification

    Hole Size



    (7 x 7 )


    (7 x 7 )


    (7 x 7 )


    (7 x 7 )


    (7 x 19 )

    20 x 35mm F-1235
    25 x 42mm F-1225 F-1625
    30 x 52mm F-1230 F-1630 F-2030
    35 x 60mm F-1235 F-1635 F-2035
    38 x 66mm F-1238 F-1638 F-2038 F-2438
    40 x 69mm F-1240 F-1640 F-2040 F-2440 F-3040
    50 x 86mm F-1250 F-1650 F-2050 F-2450 F-3050
    60 x 104mm F-1260 F-1660 F-2060 F-2460 F-3060
    70 x 120mm F-1270 F-1670 F-2070 F-2470 F-3070
    76 x 131mm F-1276 F-1676 F-2076 F-2476 F-3076
    80 x 138mm F-1280 F-1680 F-2080 F-2480 F-3080
    90 x 154mm F-1290 F-1690 F-2090 F-2490 F-3090
    100 x 173mm F-12100 F-16100 F-20100 F-24100 F-30100
    120 x 206mm F-12120 F-16120 F-20120 F-24120 F-30120

    Green Wall Cable Mesh Material: Stainless steel 304,304L,316,306L etc.

    SS304 (%) C:≤0.07, Si :≤1.0, Mn :≤2.0, Cr :17.0-19.0, Ni :8.0-11.0, S :≤0.03, P :≤0.035
    SS316 (%) C:≤0.08, Si:≤1.00, Mn:≤2.00, P≤:0.035, S:≤0.03, Ni:10.0-14.0, Cr:16.0-18.5
    SS316L (%)C:≤0.03, Si:≤1.00, Mn:≤2.00, P:≤0.045, S:≤0.030, Cr:16.0~18.0, Ni:12.0~15.0

    china stainless steel cable rope mesh Feature

    • 1. High strength, strong toughness, free-angle curving and fold, easy for transportation and instalment.
    • 2. Anti-rust, Anti-corrosive, resist the rust, can be repeated use.
    • 3. Resists chewing by rodents and other pests (tensile strength approximately 100-110,000 PSI)
    • 4. This product can very much bear the heavy snow and gale.
    • 5. Without toxic material, safety, environmental protection.
    • 6. Fast delivery time and ship
    • 7. save cost


    Discrete, elegant and flexible.
    Multifunctional and compatible with innovative architecture.
    China stainless steel cable rope mesh Premium Quality, Rugged, Weather-Resistant, Non-Corroding and Corrosion-resistant, Alkali Resistant


    • 1. animal enclosure
    • 2. drop safety
    • 3. mesh for the playground, amusement park
    • 4. stair railing, railing balustrade
    • 5. safety net
    • 6. safety on bridge, suspension bridge
    • 7. protect the use of fence
    • 8. building decorative etc.

    PHOTO china stainless steel cable rope mesh


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