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    zoo mesh, also called stainless steel animal cable mesh, stainless steel wire rope fence. It is made of high-quality stainless steel wire rope. With high tensile strength, easy fold, resistance to UV rays, a long lifespan in harsh environments, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. So widely chosen by many clients.

    Type of Zoo Mesh

    stainless steel ferrule rope zoo mesh is of the same physical properties as the knotted MMesh the only difference is in the combination style; the stainless wire rope is combined by the ferrules, which are made of the same grade stainless steel. Stainless steel knotted rope mesh is a plain weave; each warp wire rope crosses alternately above and below each weft wire rope. Warp and weft wire ropes generally have the same diameter.
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    Zoo Mesh & Cost Australian

    • The zoo mesh price range from $7 – $100 per square meter or $0.68 – $9.3 per square foot; and there are several reasons that affect the zoo mesh cost
    • 1. Mesh Aperture Size; under the same condition of the same wire diameter; the big mesh aperture wire rope mesh is always cheaper than smaller mesh aperture; for example wire diameter 1.20mm and mesh aperture 50mmx50mm is more expensive than 1.20mm wire diameter 60mmx60mm no mater ferrule mesh or knotted inter-woven wire rope mesh,
    • 2. Wire Gauge Size, on the premise of the same mesh aperture, the smaller mesh opening is always cost you more money than the bigger mesh aperture stainless steel cable mesh; for example mesh aperture 50mmx50mm one stainless steel cable mesh with 1.20mm diameter and another one 1.50mm obviously the 1.50mm zoo mesh price is expensive 1.20mm
    • 3. Weaving types, on the same conditions of wire gauge and mesh aperture; stainless steel knotted rope mesh (inter-woven wire rope mesh ) price is higher than ferrule types  rope mesh because the knotted Mesh is purely hand woven by ladies while ferrule rope mesh has a considerable part was completed by machine
    • 4. Surface treatment; black oxide zoo mesh and vinyl-coated one is more expensive than the without coated primary stainless steel rope mesh on the condition of same mesh aperture and wire diameter and weaving types
    • 5. Materials 316 is more expensive than 304 materials on the same condition of above 4 points.

    Surface Treatment

    Primary Without Treatment Black Oxide Treatment Vinyl Coated






    Stainless steel zoo mesh, Zoo stainless wire cable

    • Name: hand-woven stainless steel wire rope mesh
    • Also known as stainless steel cable net, stainless steel cable net, stainless steel rope net, steel wire rope net, zoo mesh, manual stainless steel net
    • Mesh material: stainless steel 304 / 316
    • Wire and cable diameter: 3.18mm (1 / 8 ″), 3.0mm, 3 / 32 ″ (2.4mm), 1 / 16 ″ (1.6mm), 1.5mm, 3 / 64 ″ (1.2mm)
    • Steel wire rope structure: 1 / 8 “and 3.0mm – 7 × 19; All others – 7 × seven
    • Mesh size: 12.7mm x 12.7mm (1 / 2 “x 1 / 2”), 4 / 5 “x 4 / 5” (20mm x 20mm), 1 “x 1” (25mm x 25mm), 30mm x 30mm, 1-1 / 2 “x 1-1 / 2” (38mm x 38mm), 40mm x 40mm, 2 “x 2” (51mm x 51mm), 60mm x 60mm, 3 “x 3” (76mm x 76mm), 80mm x 80mm, 90mm x 90mm, 4 “x 120mm and 102mm
    • Mesh color: natural / Meshk / Bronze
    • Craft: hand-made and interwoven
    • Uses Zoo net, animal fence net, animal containment net, fence net, bird net, sports net, climbing net, etc.


    Stainless steel rope Stainless Steel Wire Rope Zoo Mesh plays an essential role in applying the zoo Stainless Steel Wire Rope Zoo Mesh. It has always been the best choice for zoo mesh and animal fences. It removed the restrictions on animals living in traditional cages and created a more harmonious relationship between man and nature. The stainless steel zoo mesh creates a comfortable living environment for animals and protects visitors safe while preventing animal injuries. Stainless steel zoo mesh provides excellent visibility, which produces minimal visual impairment. It removes visual barriers from fences between people and animals, allowing visitors to view the animals from different angles better.

    Most importantly, the high-strength stainless steel cable mesh allows it to withstand the heavy impact of animal impacts. This keeps visitors and animals safe, especially when facing fierce animals like tigers, lions, bears, and leopards. So visitors don’t have to worry about getting injured in close contact with cute animals. At the same time, stainless steel zoo fencing shows vigorous stretching, flexibility, and cushioning to protect animals from damage.


    Stainless steel rope mesh, used as a zoo rope mesh for measuring purposes, the ferruled Mesh is assumed to be stretched to create a 60°angle at the top and bottom of the diamond.

    • OW = Opening Width
    • OH = Opening Height
    • d = Cable Diameter
    • θ = 60° Angle


    Cable diameter Mesh opening size Nominal break
    inch mm inch mm lbs.
    1/8 3.2 2×2 51×51 1600
    3/32 2.4 3×3 76×76 920
    3/32 2.4 2×2 51×51 920
    5/64 2.0 2×2 51×51 676
    5/64 2.0 1-1/2x 1-1/2 38×38 676
    1/16 1.6 1-1/2x 1-1/2 38×38 480
    1/16 1.6 1×1 25.4×25.4 480
    3/64 1.2 1-1/2x 1-1/2 38×38 270
    3/64 1.2 1×1 25.4×25.4 270

    Application Zoo Mesh

    •   1. Aviary Mesh
    •   2. Enclosure mesh
    •   3. Zoo bird netting
    •   4. Parrot mesh
    •   5. safety net
    •   6. safety on bridge, suspension bridge
    •   7. protect use fence
    •   8. Bird, animal etc.

    Conclusion of Zoo Mesh

    Zoo mesh is a strong, flexible, and durable material made from high-quality stainless steel. It provides clear visibility, safety, and low maintenance. Zoo mesh is ideal for animal enclosures and has many uses in agriculture, construction, and other industries. Its weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties make it a reliable choice for various applications.

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    Zoo Mesh

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