steel wire rope cargo net

Steel wire rope cargo net prevents debris like rock falling boulders and landslides, which can be very risky for nearby people and properties. Wire rope nets are handy to protect people, roads, nearby buildings, etc., when installed in risky places. Wire rope nets are robust incapacity. Therefore, these are ideal for significant construction and industrial sites to protect from falling debris. Besides these, wire rope nets are also being used to lift and carry boulders and stones etc., at construction sites. The standard specification of Wire Rope Cargo Net is as under:

Apart from Construction and Industrial Safety steel wire rope cargo nets, we manufacture and supply various other stainless steel cable mesh for different uses. Some of these settings are: –

Pallet Rack Safety Nets

  • Containment Nets
  • Truck Cargo Nets
  • Bay Nets and Hatch Nets
  • Climbing Nets
  • Balcony Nets
  • Conveyor Safety Nets
  • Swimming Pool Safety Nets
  • Sport Nets
  • Agro Shed Nets

Specifications steel wire rope cargo net

Mesh Wire rope Border Wire rope Handle Mesh Size Net Size
12 mm 18 mm 6 Feet 4” x 4” 10’x 10’
16 mm 24 mm 6 feet 6” x 6” 10’ x 10’
Size 6*24 6-24mm
Material Galvanized steel wire
Grade 62A
Standard ISO, JIS
Treatment Hot galvanized
Application Machinery,metallurgy,construction,shipping,oil field,fishing,colliery and ports,etc.


  • 1. Safe and easy to lift.
  • 2. High strength with a big working load.
  • 3. Resist against high temperature and abrasion.
  • 4. Japanese equipment.

Production Process

steel wire rope cargo net for sale

Our company is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. And we also obtained many patent certificates and special equipment manufacturing licenses. We sincerely welcome you to discuss business with us, build a good cooperation relationship, and seek win-win opportunities. We will provide products and services with superior quality at a competitive price. Wire rope cargo net can be supplied in any other combination of steel wire rope cargo net and Border Rope with different Mesh sizes per specific requirements.


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