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    BMP is a stainless steel rope mesh green wall company, and Our Stainless Steel Green Wall Mesh is a unique and versatile material. When used in greening applications, it can take many forms and is versatile, meeting almost any conceived shape or border profile. X-Tend stainless steel green wall mesh always requires support around its entire perimeter, which can be made from either cable or a rigid tube. X-Tend stainless steel green wall mesh can span large areas and voids, providing continuous plant support across any structure. Our standard systems are basic rectangular configurations. However, the flexibility of stainless steel green wall Mesh can accommodate a broad range of irregular shapes and designs.

    Here are the features of the mesh:

    1. The mesh clips onto the cable.
    2. You can modify the hole size and diameter.
    3. We make it according to customer orders and test it statically—ideal for facades.
    4. It is highly strong and tough, bends at any angle without folding, and is easy to transport and install.
    5. It is anti-corrosive, resists rust, and you can use it multiple times.
    6. It resists damage from rodents and other pests chewing on it.
    7. It can withstand heavy snow and strong winds.
    8. It contains no toxic materials, making it safe for the environment.

    Details Offered by stainless steel rope mesh green wall company

    1. Material : Stainless steel 304,304L,316,306L etc.
    2. Ferrules Material: Tinned-copper, Nickel-plated copper, Stainless steel etc.
    3. Cable construction and Diameter : 7×7 (Dia.: 1.2 – 2.5mm), 7×19 (Dia.: 3.0 – 4.0mm)


    Our stainless steel black oxide mesh is a robust containment netting suitable for smaller mammals, primates and large birds. Individual mesh knots are double fastened, and the netting does not have to be installed under tension.

    Specification stainless steel rope mesh green wall company Recommended

    The stainless steel rope mesh is manufactured using a unique hand-woven interlocking technique from standard 7” x 7” and 7″ x 19″ stainless steel cable to create diamond openings from 1” through 4”.

    Stainless Steel Green Wall Mesh for Plants Supporting
    Model Wire Diameter Mesh Opening Normal Break
    inch mm inch mm 1bs
    3030 1/8” 3.2mm 12”x12” 304x304mm 1600
    2015 5/64” 2.0mm 6”x6” 152x152mm 676
    2010-stainless steel rope mesh green wall company 5/64” 2.0mm 4”x4” 102x102mm 676
    2051 5/64″ 2.0mm 2″ X 2 “ 51x51mm 676
    1615 1/16” 1.6mm 6”x6” 152x152mm 480
    1651- 1/16″ 1.6mm 2″ X 2 “ 51x51mm 480



    • 1. Can you make our required specifications? Yes, we will see the manufacturer your required specifications like mesh size, rope diameter or other unique materials. Manufacturing always follows your instructions.
    • 2. Is there any limit to the length and width? Firstly clear, one concept when talking about length and width. Is the rope mesh installation horizontal or vertical? See the below picture. We‘d better clear the direction before confirming the length and width. In the vertical status (see below), any Width is available. Stainless steel cable mesh should limit the length to 20meters. We have to joint the mesh in length if it exceeds.
    • 3. Irregular mesh panel size available? Yes, but we strongly propose our customer cut and joint in their working field after this Tolerance in size could be avoided in this way. We will also help you with methods and tools regarding the cut and joint.
    • 4. Any design service from your side? We can supply proposals or suggestions for your design. Some fees will be taken for complicated overall designs.
    • 5. Do you have any help on installation?  Yes, as a leading stainless steel rope mesh green wall company, we offer free installation video


    stainless steel wire rope zoo animal mesh net for green wallHe2d43e6fca344bd9ac7495323abc8f846-1stainless steel wire rope zoo animal mesh net for green wall



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