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    BMP operates as a stainless steel green facade factory, and our stainless steel green facade wire cable mesh is highly resistant to impacts, fractures, rain, snow, hurricanes, and pollution. The mesh features a diamond pattern, which is both beautiful and simple, providing an excellent view. Due to these qualities, more and more people are choosing it for both decoration and protection. The stainless steel ferrule cable balustrade mesh stands out as an exceptionally versatile product, offering multifunctional and durable uses. We make this mesh from stainless steel wire rope, and we lace it to a support structure. It serves various purposes from railings and balustrade systems to fall protection. You can order this mesh in wire diameters ranging from 1-4mm and aperture openings from 20mm-300mm, and we can assemble it into any size or shape to meet your needs.


    1. Building Coverage: These facades cover buildings, providing a surface for plants to grow. This not only makes buildings look better but also helps keep them cool.
    2. Urban Gardens: In cities, space for gardens is limited. Stainless steel facades help create vertical gardens on the sides of buildings, making use of upward space.
    3. Air Quality Improvement: The plants grown on these facades help clean the air, which is especially helpful in busy cities.
    4. Energy Savings: By covering a building with plants, these facades can keep buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which reduces the need for heating and cooling.
    5. Noise Reduction: The layer of plants can block city noise, making the inside of buildings quieter.

    stainless steel green facade factory recommends specification

    Material Cable Diameter Hole Size Normal Break
    SS304/316/316L 5/64″ (2.0MM) 2″ x 2″ 676 LBS
    SS304/316/316L 5/64″ (2.0MM) 2.5″ x 2.5″ 676 LBS
    SS304/316/316L 5/64″ (2.0MM) 3″ x 3″ 676 LBS
    SS304/316/316L 5/64″ (2.0MM) 3.5″ x 3.5″ 676 LBS
    SS304/316/316L 5/64″ (2.0MM) 4″ x 4″ 676 LBS
    SS304/316/316L 5/64″ (2.0MM) 6″ x 6″ 676 LBS


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    Types and Features

    Our stainless steel green facade factory produces Stainless Steel Wire rope plan trellis mesh netting using high-grade stainless steel cables, specifically of material class 1.4401, AISI316 / AISI316L. We manufacture our rope wire mesh netting from ferruled wire rope mesh, knotted wire rope mesh, and various installation accessories. We also offer black oxide wire rope mesh. The BMP Cable Mesh factory makes the stainless steel green facade from stainless steel wires, which exhibit skin-like characteristics, allowing it to form a plain surface and stretch into three-dimensional shapes like funnels, cylinders, or spheres.

    When you buy stainless steel wire rope mesh for green plants at a low price, consider these features:

    1. We select stainless steel wire for its wear-resisting, heat-resisting, acid-resisting, and corrosion-resisting characteristics. Various grades of stainless steel, like T304, are common, but others suit specific applications to leverage each grade’s unique properties. The wire mesh made from stainless steel serves extensively in mining, the chemical industry, the food industry, and the pharmaceutical industry.
    2. We use wire materials such as SUS302, 304, 316, 304L, and 316L.
    3. The characteristics include square apertures, flexibility for deforming, and a strong wire cloth due to the ratio of wire diameter to aperture.


    BMP specializes in making stainless steel green facade mesh, which is very strong and can withstand weather like rain, snow, and strong winds, as well as pollution. Its diamond-shaped design looks simple yet elegant, providing a clear view that makes it a popular choice for both decoration and safety. The stainless steel ferrule cable balustrade mesh is also highly versatile and durable, suited for many uses such as railings, safety barriers, and fall protection. We tailor it to fit any size or shape, available in different thicknesses and gap sizes to meet various needs. This makes our mesh a practical and attractive option for many projects.

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