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    Stainless steel animal enclosure mesh is ideal for zoos; The animal enclosure netting surfaces are smooth, protect animal skin and birds feathers, and are widely used in indoor and outdoor animal fences, bird cages, beasts, and zoo fences. Animal enclosure mesh’s excellent decorative value and durability make it suitable for various sites, like zoos, safari parks, parks, museums, reserves, ocean parks, amusement parks, decorations, etc.

    Parameters Stainless steel animal enclosure mesh

    Stainless steel animal enclosure mesh (cable mesh ) Material animal enclosure netting use AISI 304/316 stainless steel cable mesh; the materials meet the requirements of international standards can be used for more than 30 years. AISI304 Stainless steel applies to most areas; the 316 material is mainly used for wet environments, like the seaside.
    rope mesh material
    wire diameter
    1.0mm-4.0mm, Customize to your needs
    Wire rope structure
    Mesh size
    Opening width ( OW ) from 20mm – 120mm,opening height ( OH ) from 20mm – 120mm
    mesh Panel size


    mesh Panel shape
    Rectangle shape
    The stainless steel wire rope woven mesh is with the soft touching, can be stretched, folded, rolled and packed naturally
    flexible,lightweight,high strength,soft touch,corrosion resistance
    It is widely used as the safety fence in the zoo, animal cage, aviary mesh, birdcage, bird netting. Balustrade mesh, plant climbing wall, architectural mesh, falling prevention mesh.

    Technical Information animal enclosure mesh

    Wire rope construction: 3.2mm – 7×19; all others – 7×7

    Wire rope diameter: 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm

    breaking load (KN): 3.2mm – 7.32; 2.4mm – 4.08; 2.0mm – 3.10; 1.6mm – 2.12; 1.2mm – 1.19
    Stainless steel Zoo mesh uses high-quality wire ropes of 304 or 316 material
    100% hand-woven from the stainless steel cable mesh; the nodes appear in the x-cross form and has a fixed position, will not be shifted.
    Hand-woven animal enclosure mesh/ cable mesh Mesh Selection
    Optimal stretch at a 90 °angle.Rope: 1.0mm – 4.0mm OW: Opening Width.20mm – 200mm OH: Opening Height.20mm – 200mm

    Application Stainless steel animal enclosure mesh

    blankTiger Enclosure Mesh

    Lion Enclosure Fence Netting
    Leopard Fence Mesh
    Gorilla Fence Netting
    Monkey Enclosure Mesh
    Aviary Enclosure

    Hand Woven Mesh Features:

    1. The raw materials are high-quality stainless steel 304, 316, 316L wire rope and stainless steel buckle.
    2. Close to nature, green and environmentally friendly.
    3. It is non-corrosive, fatigue-resistant, impact-resistant and has a large breaking force. The overall structure is sturdy and durable, with good perspective, luxurious appearance and novel form. It is an extensive landscape in itself.
    4. Lightweight, high strength, good flexibility, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, large breaking force, solid and durable overall structure, and service life of more than 30 years;
    5. There are no restrictions on design, and designers can design various graphics and structures at will.
    6. It is easy to install and construct on any structure.



    Q How to choose the suitable mesh code?

    According to the animal enclosure mesh code list, we recommend some or supply the animal kinds in the cage.

    Material Quality

    The animal enclosure mesh woven by the SUS304/316 stainless steel wire ropes, the Material in line with international standards, can be used over 30 years.

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