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    Stainless steel wire rope mesh provides an excellent rigid structure and elasticity. Use it for gibbon enclosures or fences to offer a safe and spacious entertainment area for animals and visitors. With a soft surface and flexible structure, gibbon mesh can show its long service life in zoos or wildlife reserves. We can manufacture custom-made gibbon mesh.

    Stainless steel zoo mesh used for Gibbon enclosure, gibbon fence netting, chimpanzee cages are very common. It is a kind of eco protection zoo enclosure mesh. (another name: stainless steel wire mesh, wire rope netting, hand-woven stainless steel mesh, zoo cage nets)

    Applications of Gibbon Mesh

    1. Zoo Enclosures: Perfect for creating safe and secure enclosures for gibbons and other animals.
    2. Aviaries: Ideal for building bird cages and aviaries, providing a safe environment for birds.
    3. Animal Cages: Used to make strong and durable cages for different types of animals.
    4. Safety Barriers: Suitable for creating protective barriers in parks, playgrounds, and public spaces.
    5. Balcony Railings: Enhances safety and aesthetics for balconies and terraces.
    6. Bridges and Walkways: Provides secure railings for pedestrian bridges and walkways.
    7. Sports Facilities: Acts as protective netting in stadiums and sports arenas.
    8. Building Facades: Used in architectural designs to create modern and stylish building facades.
    Ferrules wire rope mesh is sturdy. Interwoven stainless steel wire rope mesh has a flat surface.
    ferrules-rope-mesh-detail-1-1-1 interwoven-gibbon-enclosure-mesh-1-1-1

    Specifications of Gibbon Mesh

    • Materials: Stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L
    • Wire Diameter: 2.4–3.2 mm
    • Hole Size: 50–80 mm
    • Wire Rope Structure: 7 × 19 or 7 × 7

    Recommended Specifications of Gibbon Enclosure Mesh

    Product ID Wire Diameter (Inch) Wire Diameter (mm) Mesh Hole Size (Inch) Mesh Hole Size (mm) Weight (kg/m²)
    GIB3280 1/8 3.18 3.15 × 3.15 80 × 80 1.30
    GIB3276 1/8 3.18 3 × 3 76 × 76 1.40
    GIB3260 1/8 3.18 2.36 × 2.36 60 × 60 1.65
    GIB3250 1/8 3.18 2 × 2 51 × 51 2.10
    GIB3080 3/25 3.0 3.15 × 3.15 80 × 80 1.14
    GIB3076 3/25 3.0 3 × 3 76 × 76 1.23
    GIB3060 3/25 3.0 2.36 × 2.36 60 × 60 1.45
    GIB3050 3/25 3.0 2 × 2 51 × 51 1.85
    GIB2476 3/32 2.38 3 × 3 76 × 76 0.72
    GIB2460 3/32 2.38 2.36 × 2.36 60 × 60 0.87
    GIB2450 3/32 2.38 2 × 2 51 × 51 1.07

    features Gibbon enclosure Mesh:

    • Large load-carrying capacity.
    • Excellent harsh conditions resistance.
    • Durable and robust structure.
    • Give gibbons a space close to nature in zoos.
    • It can be made into a gibbon cage.

    BMP metal zoo mesh manufacturer has designed a unique gibbon enclosure, gibbon fence netting, chimpanzee cages comprised of stainless steel 304/316 wire rope by hand woven. Of course, it also applies to other primates for protection, such as monkey cage mesh, orangutan enclosure, gorilla fence mesh, gibbon enclosure fence, ape exhibit enclosure, mandrill cage fencing, baboon enclosure netting, ape protection mesh, simian cages, orang fence netting, etc.

    Photo Gibbon enclosure Mesh

    Gibbon rope mesh fencing is not easily damaged when gibbons are climbing. Gibbon enclosure mesh makes gibbon close to nature.
    gibbon-rope-mesh-fencing-1-1-1 gibbon-enclosure-mesh-1-1-1
    Wire rope mesh can be designed into a gibbon passageway. Ferrules-type gibbon enclosure mesh is beautiful.
    wire-rope-gibbon-walkway-1-1-1 ferrules-rope-gibbon-fencing-1-1-1

    Applications of Gibbon Enclosure Mesh

    1. Animal Enclosures: Creates safe and secure areas for gibbons and other animals.
    2. Bird Cages: Ideal for building durable and spacious bird cages and aviaries.
    3. Zoo Exhibits: Enhances the design and safety of zoo exhibits.
    4. Play Areas: Used in playgrounds to ensure children’s safety while they play.
    5. Park Barriers: Provides strong and reliable barriers in parks and public spaces.
    6. Balcony Railings: Adds safety and style to balconies and terraces.
    7. Bridges and Walkways: Used as protective railings on pedestrian bridges and walkways.
    8. Sports Facilities: Serves as protective netting in sports arenas and stadiums.


    Gibbon Enclosure Mesh is strong, flexible, and safe. It works well for gibbon enclosures, bird cages, zoo exhibits, playgrounds, parks, balconies, bridges, and sports facilities. This mesh creates secure and spacious areas for both animals and visitors, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

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