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  • 38mm x 38mm Wire Rope Mesh

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    The 38mm x 38mm wire rope mesh is an exceptionally robust and versatile material, commonly used in applications requiring both security and visibility. Its construction features a steel wire rope diameter of 1.6mm, providing a durable solution for various needs.

    Applications of 38mm x 38mm Wire Rope Mesh

    1. Zoo Enclosures: Ideal for larger birds and medium-sized mammals, where visibility and containment are both priorities.
    2. Aviary Nets: Perfect for protecting larger birds while allowing them space to fly and exercise.
    3. Safety Barriers: Acts as a reliable barrier in public and private spaces, including parks, balconies, and scenic overlooks.
    4. Architectural Features: Commonly used in design and architecture for aesthetic features such as green facades and building wraps.

    Suitable Bird Types for 38mm Zoo Mesh

    1. Large Parrots:
      • Macaws: These large and colorful parrots need spacious enclosures for free movement. The 38mm mesh provides the necessary strength to withstand their strong beaks.
      • African Grey Parrots: Known for their intelligence, these birds require secure enclosures that prevent escape without restricting their view.
    2. Medium to Large Raptors:
      • Eagles: The strength and size of eagles demand a durable and robust mesh like the 38mm for their enclosures.
      • Hawks: Suitable for various hawk species, providing them ample space to perch and move without risk of escape.
    3. Owls:
      • Great Horned Owls: Their size and strength make the 38mm mesh ideal to safely contain these powerful birds.
      • Snowy Owls: These large owls benefit from the security and durability of the 38mm mesh, ensuring their safety within the enclosure.
    4. Other Medium-Sized Birds:
      • Herons: These taller birds need strong, secure mesh to roam freely without the risk of injury.
      • Cranes: Like herons, cranes are tall and require sturdy enclosures to accommodate their height and active behavior.
    5. Waterfowl:
      • Swans: The size and the aquatic nature of swans mean they need large, secure enclosures that can also support wet environments, which the 38mm mesh can provide.
      • Geese: These birds are often active and can be aggressive, necessitating a strong and secure mesh.

    Considerations for Using 38mm Wire Rope Zoo Mesh

    • Visibility: The 38mm aperture size allows for good visibility, making it easier for visitors to see the birds and for caretakers to monitor them.
    • Ventilation: This mesh size ensures adequate airflow, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment for the birds.
    • Security: The robust nature of the mesh prevents birds from damaging it or escaping, providing peace of mind for zookeepers and bird owners.

    This type of mesh is highly effective for creating safe and comfortable environments for a range of bird species, especially those that are medium to large in size, ensuring their well-being while accommodating their natural behaviors.


    The table below details the specifications of the 38mm x 38mm wire rope mesh:

    Specification Measurement (mm) Measurement (inches)
    Cable Diameter 1.6 1/16″
    Mesh Aperture 38 x 38 1.5″ x 1.5″

    Benefits of 38mm x 38mm Wire Rope Mesh

    • Durability: Made from high-grade stainless steel, it resists corrosion and weathering, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
    • Flexibility: Its design allows it to be used in structures with complex shapes, providing versatility in installation.
    • Security: Strong enough to deter tampering and withstand environmental stresses, ensuring the safety of contained animals or secured areas.
    • Aesthetics: Offers a clean, modern look that can enhance the visual appeal of any space.


    The 38mm x 38mm wire rope mesh is a top choice for architects, designers, and facility managers looking for a reliable and attractive solution. Whether used for enclosing spaces in zoos, creating safe public areas, or adding a decorative touch to buildings, this mesh combines functionality with style, meeting a wide range of practical and aesthetic needs.

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