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zoo mesh for tigers

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The zoo mesh for tigers is safe and strong. It keeps tigers secure in their enclosures. This mesh is popular in zoos and wildlife parks. It blends well with nature and ensures safety. BMP Metal Mesh Factory makes and sells these high-quality stainless steel wire rope meshes. They are perfect for various animal enclosures, especially for predatory animals like tigers.


Applications and Benefits


The zoo mesh for tigers has many uses. Zoos use it to create secure enclosures for tigers. Wildlife parks use it to separate different animal areas. It is ideal for tiger cages, tiger fences, and tiger exhibition nets. Additionally, it works well for leopard fences and lion enclosures. The mesh is also used in tiger tunnel systems for better viewing and functionality.

zoo mesh for tigers Benefits:

This mesh offers numerous benefits. It is very strong and can withstand heavy impacts. The stainless steel rope resists breaking, rust, and corrosion. It remains in optimal condition over time. The mesh is flexible, making installation easy. The high-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability. It also provides a luxurious appearance, integrating safety and style.


Specifications zoo mesh for tigers

Product ID Wire Rope Diameter Mesh Aperture Unit Weight
#2451 2.4mm (3/32″) 51mm x 51mm (2″ x 2″) 1.02 kg/m²
#2460 2.4mm (3/32″) 60mm x 60mm (1.5″ x 1.5″) 0.87 kg/m²
#2476 2.4mm (3/32″) 76mm x 76mm (1″ x 1″) 0.72 kg/m²
#3251 3.2mm (1/8″) 51mm x 51mm (2″ x 2″) 1.95 kg/m²
#3260 3.2mm (1/8″) 60mm x 60mm (2.4″ x 2.4″) 1.65 kg/m²
#3276 3.2mm (1/8″) 76mm x 76mm (3″ x 3″) 1.28 kg/m²

Building a Tiger Zoo Mesh Enclosure

The tiger fence zoo mesh net usually consists of a 5-meter high vertical fence and a 1-meter high overhang. This height ensures tigers cannot jump over the fence. The 1-meter cantilevered design at the top of the fence provides extra security. The tiger tunnel mesh system combines viewing and functionality, expanding the tiger’s activity area. It also provides visitors with a close-up and multi-perspective viewing experience. The stainless steel wire rope mesh shows strong performance with its soft elasticity and safety.

Why Choose Us

Stainless steel wire rope mesh is an innovative product. It adapts to the safety requirements of various predatory animal enclosures. zoo mesh for tigers combines a luxurious appearance with the safety of building materials. Architects and designers worldwide have noticed its successful use. Since 2006, BMP Metal Mesh Factory has gained trust and appreciation from clients. We share our extensive case experience with zoo designers and architects. BMP is your best choice for quality and reliability.


In conclusion, the zoo mesh for tigers by BMP Metal Mesh Factory is a superior choice. It offers safety, strength, and durability for various animal enclosures. The specifications ensure you select the best option for your needs. Contact us for samples and further details. You will see why so many choose our zoo mesh for tigers.

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zoo mesh for tigers

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