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 Designers can create a neutral environment enclosed; this new zoo mesh can make your animal cages in harmony with the environment. Compared with old materials, such as chicken wire or non-metal mesh, zoo mesh is much more beautiful, natural, and safer. Make a beautiful aviary and zoo with zoo mesh. Stainless steel wire rope mesh, also called stainless steel cable mesh, is a hand-making mesh by stainless steel wire rope. It is available in bulk rolls. The mesh can be stretched tight to conform to a rigid structure design or can be draped like a tent to reduce impact damage to flying birds.

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Material: Stainless steel rope mesh made from high-carbon steel wire rope, 304,304 a, 316L.

Type: The SS Cable Mesh is hand-made from the stainless steel wire rope; there are two types: knotted mesh and ferruled mesh;

  • 1).knotted Zoo Mesh is a plain weave; each warp wire rope crosses above and below each weft wire rope. Warp and weft wire ropes generally have the same diameter.
  • 2). flexible ferruled mesh is of the same physical properties as the knotted mesh; the only difference is in the combination style; the stainless wire rope is combined with the ferrules, which are made of the same grade of stainless steel.

Specifications Zoo Mesh

Product No. Ø mm OW X OH (mm) Nominal Break (lbs.)
WD30120 3.0 120 x 120 1,600
WD30102 3.0 102 x 102 1,600
WD3090 3.0 90 x 90 1,600
WD3076-Zoo Mesh 3.0 76 x 76 1,600
WD3050 3.0 51 x 51 1,600
WD25102 2.5 102 x 102 920
WD2590 2.5 90 x 90 920
WD2576 2.5 76 x 76 920
WD2560 2.5 60 x 60 920
WD2551 2.5 51 x 51 920
WD2076-Zoo Mesh 2.0 76 x 76 676
WD2060 2.0 60 x 60 676
WD2051 2.0 51 x 51 676
WD2038 2.0 38 x 38 676
WD1576 1.5 76 x 76 480
WD1551 1.5 51 x 51 480
WD1538-Zoo Mesh 1.5 38 x 38 480
WD1530 1.5 30 x 30 480
WD1525 1.5 25 x 25 480
WD1238 1.2 38 x 38 270-
WD1230 1.2 30 x 30 270
WD1225 1.2 25 x 25 270

Features of stainless steel rope mesh:

  • 1, Zoo Mesh product raw materials for high-quality stainless steel wire, material level for 304.304 L, 316,316 L
  • 2, lightweight, high strength
  • 3, environmental degradation of its no influence
  • 4, soft-touch, efficient and protect birds feather and animal skin
  • 5, effectively preventing the rodents and its animal bite
  • 6 for rough installation tolerance, high.

Applications of the stainless steel wire rope mesh :

The stainless steel wire rope mesh has excellent flexible performance, is virtually indestructible, .most impacting -resistant and breaking resistant force, most resisting rain, snow, hurricane etc. These features were originally intended and are widely applied in zoos to construct the animal enclosure, animal cage, aviary mesh, birdcage, and bird netting. so we can also call it “Zoo mesh.”


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