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    BMP operates as a stainless steel knotted rope mesh factory. The stainless steel ropes from this series are multifunctional and durable. When mounted on railings or in staircases, they provide support and guidance. On facades, they serve as training systems for climbing plants. In large rooms, they create subtle accents as filigreed partitions. These meshes have undergone numerous tests and comply with all applicable standards. As a permanent protection and safety net for bridges or observation platforms, they resist UV rays and weather conditions, outperforming conventional knotted plastic fiber nets.

    Stainless steel zoo mesh types:

    • 1. As a stainless steel knotted rope mesh factory, Knotted wire Mesh is a plain weave; each warp wire rope crosses alternately above and below each weft wire rope. Warp and weft wire ropes generally have the same diameter.
    • 2. Stainless steel ferrule rope mesh Factory direct sale; ferrule mesh has the same physical properties as the knotted Mesh. The only difference is in the combination style; the stainless wire rope mesh is combined with the ferrules, which are made of the same grade of stainless steel.


    Specification from stainless steel knotted rope mesh factory
    Opening 60° (OWXOH) 1.0mm (7×7) 1.5mm (7×7) 2.0mm (7×7) 3.0mm (7×19) 4.0mm (7×19)
    20mm x 35mm BMP-1020
    25mm x 43mm BMP-1025 BMP-1525
    35mm x 61mm BMP-1035 BMP-1535
    40mm x 69mm BMP-1040 BMP-1540 BMP-2040
    50mm x 87mm BMP-1050 BMP-1550 BMP-2050 BMP-3050
    60mm x 104mm BMP-1060 BMP-1560 BMP-2060 BMP-3060 BMP-4060
    70mm x 121mm BMP-1070 BMP-1570 BMP-2070 BMP-3070 BMP-4070
    80mm x 139mm BMP-1080 BMP-1580 BMP-2080 BMP-3080 BMP-4080
    100mm x 173mm BMP-10100 BMP-15100 BMP-20100 BMP-30100 BMP-40100
    120mm x 242mm BMP-10120 BMP-15120 BMP-20120 BMP-30120 BMP-40120
    160mm x 277mm BMP-10160 BMP-15160 BMP-20160 BMP-30160 BMP-40160
    180mm x 312mm BMP-10180 BMP-15180 BMP-20180 BMP-30180 BMP-40180
    200mm x 346mm BMP-10200 BMP-15200 BMP-20200 BMP-30200 BMP-40200

    Here are the applications of stainless steel rope mesh

    • Suspension Bridge Railing Mesh: Stainless steel rope mesh primarily serves in suspension bridge railings to enhance safety and aesthetics.
    • Helideck Mesh: For helicopter landing decks, stainless steel rope mesh ensures the safety of helicopters and passengers by surrounding the deck.
    • Balustrade Mesh: This mesh also enhances the railings of stairs or balconies, making them grander, more beautiful, and safer.
    • Decoration Mesh: With its diamond-shaped holes, stainless steel rope mesh provides an aesthetic appeal and is suitable for decorating buildings like ceilings and curtain walls.
    • Green Wall: Stainless steel rope mesh resists corrosion and rust, even in direct sunlight. It supports green walls with plants that regulate building temperatures and protect the walls.
    • Aviary Netting: You can modify the mesh size and opening of stainless steel rope mesh to create comfortable and natural environments for birds.
    • Zoo Mesh: The diamond-shaped openings and high strength of stainless steel rope zoo mesh allow visitors to safely enjoy close encounters with animals while protecting the animals from harm.
    • Slope Protection Rope Mesh: This mesh intercepts falling rocks from slopes, preventing them from reaching roads, railways, expressways, or other structures, thereby ensuring safety. Rocks are contained at the slope’s base behind the mesh.

    Advantage stainless steel knotted rope mesh.

    • High strength and durability, it can safely accommodate any animal species on land, indoors or outdoors in the air;
    • Buy from the direct stainless steel knotted rope mesh factory best price
    • Soft and flexible can be installed in any place, on any terrain, and in various design shapes;
    • Corrosion resistance, no rust, no maintenance, long service life;
    • Pure handmade, smooth surface, protect animal fur or feathers;
    • The surface can protect human and animal eyes without glare;
    • Beautiful ecology and vital decoration;
    • Various specifications and custom grid panel sizes. No matter how big or small your project is, we will customize the size provided by the user.



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