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    Stainless steel green facade is the characteristic leading product of our company. We have the CE and SGS certificates. Stainless steel rope mesh, also called Stainless Steel cable mesh, is made from high-quality stainless steel wire rope; with the features of being extremely anti-corrosion and resistant to UV rays, it has a long lifespan in harsh environments.

    chemical compositions of stainless steel grades 304 and 316L:

    Element Grade 304 (%) Grade 316L (%)
    Chromium (Cr) 18 – 20 16 – 18
    Nickel (Ni) 8 – 12 10 – 14
    Manganese (Mn) 2 max 2 max
    Silicon (Si) 1 max 1 max
    Carbon (C) 0.08 max 0.03 max
    Molybdenum (Mo) 2 – 3
    Phosphorus (P) 0.045 max 0.045 max
    Sulfur (S) 0.03 max 0.03 max
    Nitrogen (N) 0.1 max 0.1 max


    Our stainless steel green facade with the following advantages that can help you

    • Quality material – Made of high quality 316 stainless steel, our range of green facades are robust, beautiful, yet lightweight. They are 100% recyclable, extremely resistant to corrosion, and little or no maintenance is required. Most of all, it exhibits a much longer lifespan than similar products in the market.
    • Durable structure – Rigid framework features high load capacity and resistance against heavy wind and snow. It accommodates a 3-D shape to provide an excellent design of flexibility. In addition, it has a perfect performance even in a hot climate as the cable does not absorb radiant heat.
    • Environmental benefits of greening – Intended to support most vigorous vines, which produce oxygen to reduce the greenhouse effects.
    • Thermal control & acoustically insulation – It regulates the temperature of your building by shading wall surfaces, reducing your building as well as reducing noise effectively.

    Details stainless steel green facade

    Product Name
    Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh 100*100mm Cable Mesh Green Plant Climbing Trellis Wall Mesh For Garden
    High Grade AISI 304, AISI 316 , 316L
    Wire Rope Thickness
    1.5 mm , 1.6 mm , 2.0 mm , 2.4 mm , 3.0 mm
    Mesh sides from 25mm to 200 mm or bigger
    Usually, the plant climbing wire rope mesh in ferruled type
    stainless steel green facade Mesh Shape
    Rhombus with mesh angle in 60 degree


    Specification of stainless steel green facades
    Code X Y S Suitable plant types Border style
    1 100 mm 173 mm 80 mm Slow growing vines and tendril climbers Cable border or tubular frame
    2 160 mm 208 mm 80 mm Slow growing vines and tendril climbers Cable border or tubular frame
    3- 240 mm 415 mm 120 mm Slow growing vines and tendril climbers Cable border or tubular frame
    4 300 mm 519 mm 160 mm Slow growing vines and tendril climbers Cable border or tubular frame





    What are the applications of stainless steel green facades?
    1. The metal mesh plant climbing net is corrosion-resistant, non-rusting, strong in tensile strength, resistant to wind, frost, rain and snow, and does not require maintenance;
    2. The wire rope plant climbing net has good softness, good sight, flame retardant, anti-tear and pull, and long service life;
    3. Metal wire mesh is beautiful, high-end atmosphere, improves user taste and grade of the place used;
    4. Green and environmental protection, without any chemical treatment, can be reused.
    5. Complete specifications and customized sizes.

    Detailed Images stainless steel green facade



    A stainless steel green facade offers a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solution for modern building designs. By integrating living plant elements with the durability and flexibility of stainless steel mesh, these facades provide significant environmental benefits, including improved air quality, enhanced building insulation, and reduced urban heat island effect. Additionally, the use of stainless steel ensures longevity and low maintenance, making it a cost-effective choice for green building projects. Overall, a stainless steel green facade not only enhances the visual appeal of a structure but also contributes to its environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

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