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    The stainless mesh netting, especially the ferrule type mesh, are more used in architecture like balustrades on bridges and staircases, large barrier fences, building facade trellis systems and used for the drop safety net. As an emerging product in architectural decoration and protection, stainless wire cable mesh has provided the modern architectural decoration and horticulture engineering with a new and stylish element, which is getting more and more appreciated by designers and clients worldwide.

    Specifications Stainless Mesh Netting

    We custom-make stainless mesh netting to fit your balustrade, railing, or architectural needs. We can also provide diagonal and irregular shapes.
    Mesh aperture is from 25mm x 25mm to 250mm x 250mm or bigger, with rope diameters from 1.2mm to 5.0mm.

    Mesh Aperture



    (7 x 7 )


    (7 x 7 )


    (7 x 7 )


    (7 x 7 )


    (7 x 19 )

    20 x 35mm BM-1235
    25 x 42mm BM-1225 BM-1625
    30 x 52mm BM-1230 BM-1630 BM-2030
    35 x 60mm BM-1235 BM-1635 BM-2035
    38 x 66mm BM-1238 BM-1638 BM-2038 BM-2438
    40 x 69mm BM-1240 BM-1640 BM-2040 BM-2440 BM-3040
    50 x 86mm BM-1250 BM-1650 BM-2050 BM-2450 BM-3050
    60 x 104mm BM-1260 BM-1660 BM-2060 BM-2460 BM-3060
    70 x 120mm BM-1270 BM-1670 BM-2070 BM-2470 BM-3070
    76 x 131mm BM-1276 BM-1676 BM-2076 BM-2476 BM-3076
    80 x 138mm BM-1280 BM-1680 BM-2080 BM-2480 BM-3080
    90 x 154mm BM-1290 BM-1690 BM-2090 BM-2490 BM-3090
    100 x 173mm BM-12100 BM-16100 BM-20100 BM-24100 BM-30100
    120 x 206mm BM-12120 BM-16120 BM-20120 BM-24120 BM-30120


    stainless mesh netting is light, robust, and transparent. We use strong stainless steel cables and pressed ferrules to make the mesh. They connect to a flexible and sturdy structure that can carry weight.. The curvature in the opposite direction of the stainless steel rope mesh creates the exceptionally robust characteristics of X-TEND – the mesh can even stand up to heavy loads.

    What is the advantage of the Inox X-Tend rope mesh?

    The stainless mesh netting used is woven of flexible wire ropes. Their advantages are numerous: they enable space-saving designs, offer the highest degree of transparency and visual airiness, guarantee safety for humans and animals and are convincing due to their low maintenance costs and longevity.

    1.  Lightweight, high strength, never rust, good flexibility, impact resistance, large breaking force, strong and durable overall structure,   and service life of more than 30 years;
    2.  Green and environmental protection, without any chemical treatment, can be reused.
    3.  Good perspective, luxurious appearance and novel style.

    Price For stainless mesh netting:

    •  Please confirm the rope diameter and mesh hole size you need?
    •  Which Constructions of cable mesh do you prefer? Knotted or Ferruled.
    •  What is the material of the cable Mesh you want? SS304,SS316 or SS316L .
    •  Also, please tell us the dimension of the cable mesh you prefer and the quantity.
    •  You can also tell me where will you use the mesh then I will give you some advice based on your needs.

    When we get your confirmation, we will be able to offer our exact price timely.

    Ferrules stainless mesh netting Details:

    The mesh standard version with sleeves is a classic.
    It is versatile, flexible and economical, especially with small rope diameters.
    The sleeves are made in a specially developed process in our factory by skilled workers.
    Webnet with sleeves is a good choice for all projects where design and cost-efficiency are important.

    Ends Of The Wire Rope Mesh Design:

    There are many kinds of different mesh styles, you can choose anyone you need. Please check the following picture, they are the popular styles :



    Stainless mesh netting is a durable and versatile material made from stainless steel, offering strength and flexibility for a wide range of applications, from decorative purposes to safety and security measures in various settings.

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