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    Parrot Aviary Mesh is a new kind of flexible metal diamond mesh for parrot aviaries. It is hand-woven with 304/316 stainless steel wire cable and is often used for macaw fences and various parrot aviaries.

    Examples include macaw aviary nets, toucan fencing nets, cockatoo netting fences, African grey parrot enclosure mesh, love bird fence aviaries, and many others. This mesh is suitable for different bird enclosures like parrot mesh, parrot netting, parrot enclosure mesh, macaw mesh, macaw netting, macaw enclosure mesh, and macaw protection mesh.


    Parrots come in many kinds. Their colorful and beautiful feathers make them a popular attraction in zoos. Parrots are climbing birds with strong beaks. Regular aviary mesh cannot withstand their grip, but stainless steel wire rope mesh can due to its high tensile strength.

    Stainless steel parrot aviary mesh does not need chemical treatment to prevent rust. It does not contain heavy metals and does not pollute the environment, making it eco-friendly. Parrots can bite it without fear of poisoning or harm. The mesh has a smooth surface that won’t damage their feathers. It also provides good visibility, breathability, and ventilation, ensuring parrots get enough light and fresh air in a healthy environment. The mesh keeps parrots safe without blocking visitors’ view.

    Stainless steel parrot wire mesh is very flexible and can cover an area of 3,000 feet per panel. It is easy to install and can fit various designs. This mesh is corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, UV-resistant, and has low maintenance costs. It can last over 30 years, making it a cost-effective choice. Similar products include macaw enclosure fences, parrot aviary mesh panels, macaw fence netting, parrot cage fences, and parrot wire nets.

    Different types of parrots need different mesh specifications to ensure their safety.


    Made of 304/316 stainless steel.
    There is no need for surface galvanizing、No PVC coated/ No need to spray paint; stainless steel wire rope mesh will not rust or corrode.Stainless steel wire rope mesh can naturally resist UV rays weather resistance. The service life can reach 30+years and almost no maintenance expenditure.

    Wire Rope Structure Parrot Aviary Mesh

    The stainless steel parrot mesh uses a twisted, knotted, and woven 7×7 or 7×19 group wire cable. It does not need ferrules or fixing and is also called sleeveless cable mesh. This mesh has a simple structure that does not deform. It is solid and durable.


    We can tailor the stainless steel wire rope mesh to your needs. You can customize the panel size, mesh aperture, and wire rope diameter. BOSS Metal products can be precisely sized, eliminating the need for cutting, reducing waste, and lowering costs. You can order large panels up to 3000 feet in size.

    Design and Install

    The stainless steel parrot aviary mesh adapts to various designs with good elasticity and toughness. It is lightweight and offers excellent visibility, so your design style remains unaffected. Designers can use their imagination, as design solutions are varied. Installation is easy since the panels are custom-made. Follow the instructions and attach the mesh to the frame with a wire rope. For large bird aviaries, the support structure is easy to design and build. Use steel columns and cables to form the structure, then cover it with the mesh.


    Product ID Wire Rope Diameter Mesh Aperture Unit Weight (kg/m²)
    #1220 1.2mm (3/64″) 20mm x 20mm (0.8″ x 0.8″) 0.73
    #1225 1.2mm (3/64″) 25mm x 25mm (1″ x 1″) 0.55
    #1238 1.2mm (3/64″) 38mm x 38mm (1.5″ x 1.5″) 0.40
    #1625 1.6mm (1/16″) 25mm x 25mm (1″ x 1″) 1.10
    #1638 1.6mm (1/16″) 38mm x 38mm (1.5″ x 1.5″) 0.67
    #1651 1.6mm (1/16″) 51mm x 51mm (2″ x 2″) 0.55
    #2038 2.0mm (5/64″) 38mm x 38mm (1.5″ x 1.5″) 1.10
    #2051 2.0mm (5/64″) 51mm x 51mm (2″ x 2″) 0.80

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    Parrot Aviary Mesh

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