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    Balustrade infill panels are made from non-corrosive stainless steel cables. They are stretched and pre-installed on a high-quality welded tubular frame. Unsafe is the preferred choice for all balustrade applications because of its simple yet durable structure. This applies to various settings from residential and semi-public to public spaces. Typical applications for Unsafe mesh balustrade include bridges, paths, stairs, and balconies, as you can see in the following pictures:

    Bridge balustrade infill panels
    Protect vehicles and pedestrians from falling into the river.
    Path balustrade
    Anti-climb balustrades minimize potential falling dangers.
    Stair balustrade
    High safety stair balustrade without affecting air and light to enter.
    Balcony balustrade infill panels
    Elegant balcony balustrade without blocking your sight.

    Advantages of balustrade infill panels

    High safety

    The holes of the infill mesh are too small to let a foot in, let alone get stuck. Thus, they excessively climb resistant. Meanwhile, it displays high strength, strong toughness, three-dimensional stability, and impact resistance and provides excellent fall protection to your family and pedestrians.

    High flexibility

    Unsafe is soft to touch and resilient to absorb the impact energy and spring back into its original shape without damage. Additionally, the mesh fence is flexible in design and construction to meet the different needs of new-build and retrofit projects.

    Allow excellent air circulation.

    Stainless steel balustrade infill panels are extremely transparent without blocking your sight. Meanwhile, it features diamond holes that permit a sizeable open area to let light and air pass through freely.


    •  length: up to 78-3/4″.
    •  height: 28″, 33″, 37-1/2″ or other custom height.
    •  shape: rectangular and rhombic frame with an angle of 29° to 37°.
    • Mesh style: knotted cable mesh, ferrule cable mesh or square cable mesh.
    • Mesh size: 60 mm or 80 mm.
    •  material: high-quality stainless steel cable.
    • construction: 7 × 7.
    • diameter: 1.5 mm or 2 mm.
    •  material: welded galvanized steel or AISI 316 stainless steel tubular frame.
    •  diameter: 17.2 mm to 26.9 mm.
    •  wall thickness: 2 mm.

    Top specification:

    Rectangular stainless steel mesh fence
    Rhombic stainless steel mesh fence

    balustrade infill panels general sizes

    Top specifications of stainless steel handrail
    Code Rope diameter (mm) Mesh size (mm) Panel height (mm)
    MBRE-1 1.5 60 720, 840, 960
    MBRE-2 1.5 80 720, 840, 960
    MBRE-3 2.0 60 720, 840, 960
    MBRE-4 2.0 80 720, 840, 960
    All mesh barriers can be manufactured and supplied to customer specifications.

    Specification of balustrade infill panels Wire Cable mesh

    Material of stainless steel wire rope mesh: AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel

    Table 1: Balustrade Infill Panels (Small to Medium Openings)

    Opening (OW x OH) 1.0mm (7×7) 1.6mm (7×7) 2.0mm (7×7)
    20 mm x 35 mm BMP1020
    25 mm x 43 mm BMP1025 BMP1625
    30 mm x 52 mm BMP1030 BMP1630
    35 mm x 61 mm BMP1035 BMP1635
    40 mm x 69 mm BMP1040 BMP1640 BMP2040
    50 mm x 87 mm BMP1050 BMP1650 BMP2050
    60 mm x 104 mm BMP1060 BMP1660 BMP2060

    Table 2: Balustrade Infill Panels (Medium to Large Openings)

    Opening (OW x OH) 2.4mm (7×7) 3.0mm (7×19) 3.2mm (7×19)
    50 mm x 87 mm BMP2450 BMP3050 BMP3250
    60 mm x 104 mm BMP2460 BMP3060 BMP3260
    70 mm x 102 mm BMP2470 BMP3070 BMP3270
    80 mm x 139 mm BMP2480 BMP3080 BMP3280
    100 mm x 173 mm BMP24100 BMP30100 BMP32100

    Table 3: Balustrade Infill Panels (Large to Very Large Openings)

    Opening (OW x OH) 2.4mm (7×7) 3.0mm (7×19) 3.2mm (7×19)
    120 mm x 242 mm BMP24120 BMP30120 BMP32120
    160 mm x 227 mm BMP24160 BMP30160 BMP32160
    180 mm x 312 mm BMP24180 BMP30180 BMP32180
    200 mm x 346 mm BMP24200 BMP30200 BMP32200


    Balustrade infill panels are made from non-corrosive stainless steel cables. Workers stretch these cables and install them on a sturdy welded tubular frame. People often choose these panels for their simplicity and durability in various settings, including residential, semi-public, and public areas. Common uses for these panels are on bridges, paths, stairs, and balconies.

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