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    Animal enclosure wire mesh complies with ISO9001 standards and offers a variety of rope diameters and diamond sizes to choose from. It showcases how to combine technical and aesthetic requirements as an integral part of building components. The rope netting combines transparency, strength, and durability, making it well-suited for transportation hubs and other locations that need to separate the public from safe areas.


    Technical Information on animal enclosure wire mesh

    Black Oxide Finish

    Black oxide animal enclosure wire mesh dyeing technology has developed rapidly recently. Top fencing is heavily investing in developing new stainless steel products. After years of technical research, our black stainless steel cable mesh products undergo oxidation to gain a black oxide coating. This coating ensures a uniform, lasting color. Additionally, the oxidation coating enhances the wire rope mesh’s longevity and strong corrosion resistance. Black stainless steel wire mesh, also known as black oxide mesh and other names, is your best choice.

    Vinyl Coated

    A vinyl coating animal enclosure wire mesh is a coating composed of synthetic resin or plastic. It is a thin layer of a protective covering substance, deposited or applied on the surface of an object, mainly to improve its properties and create a protective barrier against surface deterioration due to the object’s reaction with its environment. Vinyl coating rope mesh may consist of various resin types, like polyvinyl acetate or polyvinyl chloride, and comes in various colors. Manufacturers apply vinyl coatings to provide several types of protection.

    • Abrasion and scratch resistance
    • Fire and heat resistance
    • Insulation against the flow of an electric charge
    • Sealing ability and wettability
    • Improved physical appearance and aesthetics
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Resistance against general wear, erosion, pitting and cavitation
    • Improved physical appearance and aesthetics
    • Release or nonstick properties


    What result does animal enclosure wire mesh price?

    • 1. Fit Together Aperture Dimension; under the specific problem of the very same wire size; the huge mesh aperture cord rope mesh is continuously extra budget-friendly than a smaller mesh aperture; as an example, a cable dimension of 1.20 mm and mesh aperture of 50mmx50mm is a lot more expensive than 1.20 mm cable size 60mmx60mm no mater ferrule mesh or bound inter-woven cable rope mesh
    • 2.Cable Scale Dimension impacts pricing: smaller mesh openings often cost more than larger ones. For example, comparing two stainless steel cable meshes, both with a 50mmx50mm aperture but different diameters, the 1.50 mm mesh costs more than the 1.20 mm mesh.
    • 3. Weaving types, on the similar conditions of cable scale as well as mesh aperture; stainless steel inter-woven rope mesh (inter-woven wire rope mesh) cost is higher than ferrule kinds rope mesh because the knotted Mesh is handwoven by girls while ferrule rope mesh has maker ended up a significant component.
    • 4. Surface treatment; black oxide zoo mesh and vinyl-coated one are extra pricey than the without split primary stainless steel rope mesh on the same mesh aperture, wire dimension, and weaving.
    • 5. zoo mesh 316 rate is a great deal more costly than 304 products on the exact problem of the above four variables.

    WHAT ADVANTAGES OF OUR animal enclosure wire mesh?

    Outstanding rust-resistance.
    High strength to bear significant influences.
    Humane attributes do not hurt individuals or pets.
    Galvanized as well as PVC-covered surface.
    A thick protective layer minimizes the corrosion from feces and urine.
    Easy installment as well as brief job time.
    Easy cleaning as well as sanitation.
    Our Zoo mesh is Recyclable as well as long-lasting.




    animal enclosure wire mesh is manufactured in the standard diameters of 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.6mm, 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.2mm and 4.0mm. Mesh hole size is from 25mm to 200 mm (or bigger), depending on the rope diameter. Cable mesh is manufactured from high-grade stainless steel cables of material class AISI304 and AISI316.

    Mesh Hole Size (mm) 1.2MM(3/64) (7×7) 1.6MM(1/16) (7×7) 2.0MM(5/64) (7×7) 2.4MM(3/32) (7×7) 3.2MM(1/8) (7×19)
    20 x 35mm BM-1235
    25 x 42mm BM-1225 BM-1625
    30 x 52mm BM-1230 BM-1630 BM-2030
    35 x 60mm BM-1235 BM-1635 BM-2035
    38 x 66mm BM-1238 BM-1638 BM-2038 BM-2438
    40 x 69mm BM-1240 BM-1640 BM-2040 BM-2440 BM-3040
    50 x 86mm BM-1250 BM-1650 BM-2050 BM-2450 BM-3050
    60 x 104mm BM-1260 BM-1660 BM-2060 BM-2460 BM-3060
    70 x 120mm BM-1270 BM-1670 BM-2070 BM-2470 BM-3070
    76 x 131mm BM-1276 BM-1676 BM-2076 BM-2476 BM-3076
    80 x 138mm BM-1280 BM-1680 BM-2080 BM-2480 BM-3080
    90 x 154mm BM-1290 BM-1690 BM-2090 BM-2490 BM-3090
    100 x 173mm BM-12100 BM-16100 BM-20100 BM-24100 BM-30100
    120 x 206mm BM-12120 BM-16120 BM-20120 BM-24120 BM-30120


    animal enclosure wire mesh specification is not only limited above also accepts customized Mesh and wire rope; pls feel free to contact us



    Our flexible stainless steel rope netting is based on a high safety, aesthetic appearance and smooth surface for people & animals to touch directly. All stainless steel wire rope netting comes from South Korea, a well-known supplier. We make our products from High Grade 316 Stainless Steel, which offers many advantages.

    Mesh Opening Direction:

    The animal enclosure wire mesh for the zoo can be manufactured in horizontal and Vertical Diamond Directions, which affects the cost. Sometimes, when they are different in a diamond-shaped direction, the same width and length will cause a significant difference in cost. If the direction of the diamond is not so important to your design, we can give you some advice for your reference.

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