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    The 90mm x 90mm wire rope mesh offers robustness and flexibility, making it ideal for larger-scale applications that require both security and significant visual access. With a cable diameter of 1.6mm and a mesh aperture of 90mm x 90mm, this mesh combines durability with a minimal aesthetic impact, making it suitable for various uses in zoological parks, architectural designs, and safety implementations.

    Suitable Animal Types for 90mm x 90mm Wire Rope Mesh

    1. Large Birds:
      • Eagles and Hawks: The mesh allows these large raptors ample space to move and fly without the risk of escape.
      • Owls: Especially larger species like the Eurasian Eagle-Owl, which require spacious environments.
    2. Medium to Large Mammals:
      • Deer: This includes various deer species which are large enough not to fit through the mesh but can enjoy the openness it provides.
      • Antelopes: Similar to deer, these animals are well-suited to the large mesh for both containment and visibility.
    3. Marine Mammals:
      • Seals and Sea Lions: Often housed in coastal and marine park settings, these animals benefit from the strength and corrosion resistance of the mesh.
    4. Non-Climbing Animals:
      • Sheep and Goats: While typically not climbers, these animals can be safely enclosed in areas where minimal mesh visibility is desired.
      • Pigs and Similar Sized Farm Animals: The mesh provides a secure boundary without obstructing views for visitors.

    Considerations for Using 90mm x 90mm Wire Rope Mesh

    • Visibility: The larger aperture size allows for excellent visibility, making it easier for visitors to view the animals and for caretakers to monitor them.
    • Ventilation: Offers outstanding airflow, crucial for maintaining a healthy environment for larger animals.
    • Security: Although not suitable for smaller or climbing animals, it provides secure containment for larger, non-climbing species.
    • Adaptability: Can be used in a variety of settings, from zoos to farm enclosures and marine environments, due to its durable and flexible design.

    Applications of 90mm x 90mm Wire Rope Mesh

    1. Large Animal Enclosures:
      • Deer and Similar Sized Animals: Provides a secure environment for larger, non-climbing animals that do not require smaller mesh sizes to prevent escape.
      • Marine Mammal Pens: Ideal for outdoor or indoor marine environments, allowing for large, clear panels that facilitate observation and interaction without compromising containment.
    2. Aviary Nets for Larger Birds:
      • Flight Enclosures for Large Birds: Suitable for species that require extensive flight space, such as eagles or vultures, where visibility is crucial for both keepers and visitors.
    3. Architectural Features:
      • Safety Barriers: Used on larger architectural structures like stadiums, bridges, and observation towers where safety is essential without obstructing views.
      • Decorative Applications: Integrates into large scale art installations or as a part of building facades that require a robust material with an open structure.
    4. Public and Commercial Spaces:
      • Theme Parks and Large Venues: Serves as barrier and safety netting around rides or performance areas to ensure public safety while maintaining an unobstructed view.
      • Play Areas: Provides secure, visible boundaries in play areas or adventure parks.

    Features of 90mm x 90mm Wire Rope Mesh

    High Durability: Made from high-quality stainless steel, this mesh withstands environmental elements and resists corrosion, making it perfect for long-term outdoor use.
    Large Aperture: The sizable 90mm x 90mm openings ensure excellent visibility and airflow, crucial for zoological and architectural applications.
    Flexible Installation: You can easily install it over large areas or on complex structures thanks to its adaptability and shape-forming capability.
    Robust Security: It provides a high level of security for contained animals and public safety, capable of withstanding substantial force.
    Aesthetic Appeal: Its minimal visual impact makes it the preferred choice for areas where the view should not be compromised.
    Low Maintenance: It requires minimal maintenance due to its stainless steel construction, ensuring longevity with little need for ongoing care.

    The 90mm x 90mm wire rope mesh is thus a versatile and effective choice for large-scale applications that require a balance of visibility, airflow, and security. Whether used in zoo settings, for public safety, or in architectural designs, this mesh size provides a reliable and visually appealing solution.

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