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    7×7 stainless steel wire rope mesh is renowned for its durability and versatility, making it an ideal choice for various applications across different industries. Composed of seven strands of wire, each with seven sub-strands, this configuration enhances both flexibility and strength, making it suitable for demanding uses such as safety netting, animal enclosures, and architectural applications.

    Applications of 7×7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh

    1. Zoo Enclosures: The mesh provides secure, durable, and transparent barriers for animal enclosures, ensuring safety while allowing clear visibility.
    2. Safety Netting: Commonly used in construction and industrial settings to prevent falls and secure areas.
    3. Architectural Designs: Adds aesthetic and functional value to buildings, bridges, and other structures with its sleek, modern look.
    4. Fencing and Railings: Offers a robust and low-maintenance alternative to traditional fencing materials, perfect for balconies and staircases.
    5. Bird Netting: Ideal for making bird aviaries, allowing for ventilation while keeping the birds secure.

    Benefits of 7×7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh

    • High Strength: Can withstand heavy loads and high tension.
    • Durability: Resistant to rust and corrosion, suitable for harsh environments.
    • Flexibility: Easily conforms to various shapes and designs.
    • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep once installed.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: Enhances the visual appeal of any application with its elegant look.

    Specifications Table 7×7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh

    Mesh Thickness (inch) Mesh Opening (mm) Min. Breaking Load (KN) Possible Applications
    1/8″ 120×208 7.38 Large animal enclosures, safety netting
    1/8″ 100×173 7.38 Zoo enclosures, architectural facades
    1/8″ 90×156 7.38 Safety railings, decorative designs
    3/32″ 100×173 4.18 Bird aviaries, small animal enclosures
    3/32″ 90×156 4.18 Staircase railings, balcony fences
    3/32″ 80×139 4.18 Art installations, facade cladding
    3/32″ 70×121 4.18 Light safety barriers, artistic partitions
    5/64″ 100×173 3.17 Lightweight enclosures, interior design features
    5/64″ 90×156 3.17 Green walls, plant supports
    5/64″ 80×139 3.17 Fine mesh applications, intricate designs
    5/64″ 70×121 3.17 Decorative enclosures, delicate safety netting
    1/16″ 80×139 2.17 Crafts, small partitions, detailed fencing
    1/16″ 70×121 2.17 Protective screens, small decorative elements
    1/16″ 60×104 2.17 Jewelry making, fine mesh works
    1/16″ 50×87 2.17 Decorative interior panels, light mesh works
    3/64″ 80×139 1.22 Model making, fine detail applications
    3/64″ 70×121 1.22 Small crafts, decorative use
    3/64″ 60×104 1.22 Detailed artistic designs, small scale models
    3/64″ 50×87 1.22 Miniature crafts, intricate decorative uses


    7×7 stainless steel wire rope mesh offers a combination of strength, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal, making it a top choice for a variety of structural and decorative applications. Whether used in zoos, construction sites, or architectural projects, its benefits make it a dependable solution for both functional and artistic installations.

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    Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh

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