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x-tend stainless steel cable mesh is diamond mesh with flexible metal mesh formed by a unique process and multiple stainless steel ropes connected by staggered and knotted. Stainless steel cable mesh is an innovative product with excellent stretch elasticity and flexibility. Super performance, light, soft elasticity, corrosion and rust resistance. These properties make it shine in the applications of animal aviary mesh. Our customers usually call it a zoo mesh. (Other names: flexible metal mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, hand-woven stainless steel wire mesh, steel wire rope mesh, steel wire mesh, steel wire mesh, zoo fence) Stainless steel cable mesh can be used indoors and outdoors. It is mainly used for animal cages, large birdhouse enclosures, zoo fences, guardrail packing, green plant climbing mesh, bridge protection networks, sports field protection rope mesh, etc.
(Therefore, it is great for solid and non-noticeable protective nets and animal fences in zoo applications, as it is easier to see animals when viewing them. ) Since its establishment in 2006, BOSS METAL  has been committed to producing a hand-woven stainless steel cable mesh, winning the trust and praise from its customers. We believe that stainless steel woven nets have unique advantages that other products cannot match and have a more promising future.

TYPES OF x-tend stainless steel cable mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh Ferruled

Stainless Steel Wire Cable Mesh Woven-Black Oxide Zoo Mesh

x-tend stainless steel cable mesh black oxide zoo mesh
Stainless steel cable mesh is divided into two categories according to different colors, natural color stainless steel cable mesh and black stainless steel cable mesh stainless steel cable woven mesh by stainless steel wire rope wrapped together to form a knot and connect. This minimalist style process is the most dazzling stainless steel wire rope product. While providing the same intensity, the visual impairment is significantly reduced and is easier to disappear. No troublesome light reflection, viewing at a certain distance is almost entirely invisible. Stainless steel cable mesh dyeing technology has developed rapidly in recent years. BMP is heavily investing in the development of new stainless steel products. After years of technical research, our black stainless steel cable mesh products use the oxidation method of color to form a black oxide coating on the wire rope surface. The color is uniform, without color and lasting. At the same time, this oxidation coating makes the wire rope mesh have a long life and have strong corrosion resistance. A hand-woven stainless steel cable mesh net is ideal for zoo mesh applications. The rugged and unnoticeable protection grid is used in animal cages, giving the public a better viewing experience.


Stainless steel cable mesh is of AISI 304 / 316 stainless steel rope material of 7×7 or 7×19. This material serves as the basis of stainless steel rope mesh and has excellent elasticity and tensile strength, corrosion resistance and long life depending on the stainless steel material. AISI304/316 is authenticated stainless steel with excellent plastic and strength, high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in the food processing equipment and medical equipment industries.


BMP has accumulated rich production experience in stainless steel cable mesh (other names: flexible metal mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel rope mesh, hand-woven wire rope mesh, wire rope mesh, cable weaving mesh, wire mesh). Starting in 2006. We can control every detail in the production process to ensure that our products fully suit your needs. Willow Lin offers a wealth of customizable content.


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  • 1, Free Sample: Free samples of less than 1 square foot. The requested charges an express fee. ,.
  • 2, Panel Size: Panel size can be modified to the size you provide to reduce costs and make installation easier.
  • 3, packaging: wire mesh roll into woven bag or tray.
  • 4, Delivery Time: Order can be arranged within 24 hours, 7-30 days, depending on the order quantity.
  • 5, Personal User: We can provide installation tools and accessories that you can efficiently complete.
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