stainless steel cable mesh

A high-quality stainless steel wire cable produces balustrade balcony infill stainless steel cable mesh; the stainless steel grade includes type 304, 304 L, 316 and 316L. All the material for producing Stainless Steel Wire Rope Fence Mesh was imported from South Korea and Japan, which have super quality.

Type of  X tend stainless steel cable mesh

Ferrule cable mesh

  • Connection: Seamless ferrule
  • Hole Type:60 degree diamond hole
  • Cable diameter: 1 ~ 5 mm
  • Cable structure: 7 × 7 (1.5 mm, 2 mm or 2.5 mm), 7 × 19 (3 mm, 4 mm)
  • Diamond size: 20 ~ 300 mm

Knotted cable Mesh

  • Connection: Inter-woven
  • Hole Type: 90-degree diamond hole
  • Cable diameter: 1 ~ 5 mm
  • Cable structure: 7 × 7 (1.5 mm, 2 mm or 2.5 mm), 7 × 19 (3 mm, 4 mm)
  • Diamond size: 20 ~ 300 mm
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  • high strength *strong toughness
  • easy for transportation and Installment
  • lightweight, high-strength
  • never rust, softness
  • excellent tensile strength and flexibility.
  • Beautiful and straightforward structure.
  • Economical and environment friendly.
  • Stainless Steel X tend cable mesh have a super Abrasion and corrosion resistance.


  •  hotels, shopping malls,
  • supermarkets, offices,
  • indoor decoration,
  • mechanical protective cover,
  • electrical ventilation,
  • aquaculture
  • and many other industries
  • zoo mesh,
  • parrots enclosure mesh,
  • parrots fence netting,
  • tiger fence mesh,
  • monkey fence mesh,
  • lion fence mesh,
  • stainless steel bird netting,
  • aviary mesh,
  • animal enclosure mesh,
  • climbing plant mesh,
  • building mesh,
  • architectural mesh,
  • staircase fence mesh,
  • security protecting mesh,
  • bridge railing mesh.

Specification stainless steel cable mesh

wire structure 7*7 7*19
mesh hole size 20*20-300*300, all can be customized
brand name BMP
type knotted type, open type buckle, closed type buckle, black oxidation mesh
material of ferrules Tinned copper, Nickel-plated copper, 316 stainless steel.
Lead Time 7-10 days after receiving your order
Surface Treatment NoTreat Or Black Oxidation
Material Cable Dia (Inch) Cable Dia


Hole Size




1/8″ 3.18 60mm x 60mm 1.65 Kg


1/8″ 3.18 51mm x 51mm 2.10 Kg


1/16″ 1.6 60mm x 60mm 0.45kg


1/16″ 1.6 51mm x 51mm 0.5kg
304,304L  stainless steel cable mesh



3/32″ 2.4 60mm x 60mm 0.87kg


3/32″ 2.4 51mm x 51mm 1.02kg




Webnet also called x tend mesh installation requires only a minimum number of tools: A rope is threaded through the outermost row of mesh and then wound about a structure, thereby tensioning the net. Close collaboration between the structural engineer and the installation team means that Webnet can be effectively integrated with the structure – in the correct order and with the correct tension to provide a safe, aesthetic and durable structure.

 Applications stainless steel x tend cable mesh

stainless steel cable mesh


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