Stainless Steel Cable Wire Mesh For Zoo Monkey

If you have a monkey, you are sure to put it in a stainless steel monkey wire Cable Mesh. If you have ever had a monkey, you must have heard of it. This is enough to show how important a stainless steel wire rope mesh for monkey Seine is to monkeys in the zoo. Stainless steel monkey wire rope mesh suits most monkeys, whether large or spider monkeys small. Similar: monkey fence net, monkey exhibition net, monkey cage, monkey barrier net, monkey fence, golden monkey exhibition wire mesh, spider monkey fence, monkey fence, baboon enclosure fence wire rope mesh, ape fence net, monkey fence net, monkey fence net, monkey fence net, monkey fence net, monkey fence cover net, monkey exhibition wire rope mesh, etc.

Stainless steel wire rope cable mesh is a zoo ecological mesh manually woven by 304 / 316 wire rope. Stainless steel wire rope mesh has many features, suitable for monkey wire mesh, suitable for large, medium and miniature monkeys.

wire mesh for monkey

Advantages Monkey Mesh

1, stainless steel rope mesh is simple, durable and high safety. No matter how naughty your monkey is, the monkey fence net keeps the monkeys safe.
2, stainless steel rope mesh has excellent elasticity and flexibility to meet the monkey climbing habits. Stainless steel rope mesh is a smooth and smooth surface and will not harm the monkey skin.
3, rust prevention, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, no pollution, breathable, more open living space, can provide a healthy living environment for monkeys.
4, Due to the excellent light transmittance of the stainless steel wire mesh, it does not block the sight of tourists and can provide the best interaction conditions for tourists and monkeys.
5, maintenance costs and last over 30 years.
6, stainless steel wire rope mesh is very flexible for various shapes.
7, is widely used and can be installed in cold, hot, dry, wet, mountain, wetland and other climatic and terrain conditions. Stainless steel wire rope mesh adapts to any harsh environment.

How to Design a Moneky Zoo Mesh?

Monkey stainless steel wire rope mesh are generally entirely enclosed. Usually grow trees in large fences or build some easy climbing decorations. The support structure usually uses the steel column connecting cable to form the support system and then sets an opening or channel network between the adjacent monkey enclosure to increase the range of monkey activity and provide more viewing methods for the public.

The diameter of the monkey wire rope mesh system usually controls 1.5 times the monkey height when standing upright, and the distance between the inner channel ring is generally determined by the network direction and the channel diameter. If the grid direction is consistent with the channel direction, the scan interval is usually between 1.5 and 2 times the diameter. If the rope mesh direction is perpendicular to the channel direction, the scan interval is usually 2.5 times the diameter, and both ends of the channel need to be fixed.

Generally, different types of monkeys need to choose different mesh sizes to protect monkeys better. The maximum stainless steel rope mesh single panels area is 5,000 square feet. No matter the material, specifications, mesh size, color, it can be customized according to customer requirements.


Stainless steel wire rope mesh for monkey

Product ID

Wire Rope Diameter

Mesh Aperture

Unit Weight


1.6mm(1/16″ )

38mm x 38mm (1.5″ x 1.5″)

0.67 kg/m²


2.0mm(5/64″ )

38mm x 38mm (1.5″ x 1.5″)

1.10 kg/m²


2.0mm(5/64″ )

51mm x 51mm (2″ x 2″)

0.80 kg/m²


2.0mm(5/64″ )

60mm x 60mm (2.4″ x 2.4″)

0.70 kg/m²


2.0mm(5/64″ )

76mm x 76mm (3″ x 3″)

0.51 kg/m²


2.4mm(3/32″ )

51mm x 51mm (2″ x 2″)

1.02 kg/m²


2.4mm(3/32″ )

60mm x 60mm (1.5″ x 1.5″)

0.87 kg/m²


2.4mm(3/32″ )

76mm x 76mm (1″ x 1″)

0.72 kg/m²