Stainless Steel Ferrule Rope Mesh&flexible wire mesh

flexible wire mesh

 Stainless steel ferrule flexible wire mesh refers to a mesh-like structure formed by combining two neighboring ropes with the ferrule, which is made of the same material as the rope wire. The structure fastened by ferrule makes the mesh solid and can withstand heavy load and impact. The standard angle of the opening is 60°, but 10° and 90°or other angles are also accepted. It’s ideal for aviary mesh, zoo mesh, safety screen, exterior building facade, railing, etc. 

Feature and Advantages flexible wire mesh

  • Resistance to rust and corrosion
    The stainless steel rope mesh is made of  stainless steel 304 or 316 stainless steel, it’s with excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. So it’s suitable for a wide range of environments.
  • High strength, Solid and robust structure
    The rope wire is combined by ferrule that makes the structure solid and robust, can withstand heavy loads and impact.
  • Light in weight, Soft and Flexible
    It’s light in weight and adjustable for width, length and opening size, so that it is easy to install in many places. Due to stainless steel rope mesh is soft, it will also not cause injuries to human body.
  • Visibility, Attractive appearance
    The diamond-shaped structure allows for passage of light, and produces minimum obstruction to vision. The mesh-like structure creates a beautiful and grand landscape.
  • Maintenance-free and long service life
    It’s very durable, the service life can up to 30 years, and it doesn’t require any maintenance.
  • Environmental friendly
    The non-toxic material does no harm to the healthy of human.
stainless steel ferrule rope mesh

Wire Rope Structure

We can provide two cable structures for SS Ferrule Rope Mesh Net. For measuring purposes, the ferruled mesh is assumed to be stretched to create a 60°angle at the top and bottom of the diamond. OW = Opening Width OH = Opening Height d = Cable Diameter θ = 60° Angle

SPECIFICATIONS flexible wire mesh

Customizable Options
>Material Type:Stainless steel 304/304L/316/316L
>Specifications: Including wire rope diameter and mesh opening size
>Wire rope diameter:

3/64″, 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″

1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm

>Mesh opening size:

0.6″×0.6″, 0.8″×0.8″, 1″×1″, 1.2″×1.2″, 1.5″×1.5″, 2″×2″, 2.4″×2.4″, 3″×3″, 3.6″×3.6″, 4″×4″,  5″×5″,  6″×6″.

15mm×15mm, 20mm×20mm, 25mm×25mm, 30mm×30mm, 38mm×38mm, 51mm×51mm, 60mm×60mm, 76mm×76mm, 90mm×90mm, 102mm×102mm, 127mm×127mm, 152mm×152mm.

>Color:Natural color, Black color, Bronze color
>Mesh panel size:

You can provide the dimensions of the mesh panel and we will produce it according to the size you provide.
The standard size is 18m (L) x 9m (H).

The large panel size is supported; depending on different specifications, the largest single panel size can be reached 300m². We recommend that you provide the required size so that you don’t need to cut and avoid waste during installation.