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Stainlesss Steel Cable Zoo Mesh Vs Chain Link Fence Zoo Mesh

Stainless steel cable zoo mesh is the successor to cyclone fences together, and so it’s reasonable that there is a common complication when attempting to set apart the two. Nevertheless, Webnet’s cable rope harmonizes vary from chain link fence harmonizes in numerous crucial locations, supplying some substantial advantages.

The central distinction hinges on the building and construction of both meshes. Cable zoo mesh is constructed using stainless steel cord ropes that are either woven into each other or are signed up with sleeves. Because wire ropes are made use of, Webnet is a versatile product that can be shaped and formed to fit a wide range of applications, including animal units, parking areas, bridge safety and security, and art installments. Chain link meshes, nonetheless, are created using typical steel cords that are curved and hooked with each other, and as a result, the mesh is much more inflexible. Yet, no place near as important– and also, its usage is pretty much limited to secure fencing.

With both mesh kinds being developed from various products in highly different means, there are a few significant differences between the two.

Stainless Steel Cable Mesh For Zoo

Jakob Webnet cable mesh is solid and sturdy. Developed from weather-resistant, marine quality 316 stainless steel and securely signed up with, Webnet supplies outstanding security and sturdiness and is maintenance-free. Webnet can be used as a fixed component to lug loads, an important characteristic. It enables Webnet to be made use of in architectural and security applications. Stainless steel cable mesh is built as it is dimensionally secure, so the mesh can never be permanently flawed when standing up to loads.

Specification zoo mesh

Rope ConstructionRope DiameterApertureBreaking Force
7X7-stainless steel zoo mesh5/642.080X1393.17

Chain Link Mesh Mesh For Zoo

As chain link meshes are built with freely connected bent steel cords, they supply no tensile resistance and so are unable to bring tons. If heavy lots were applied to chain web link mesh, the cords would bend, and protrudes would undoubtedly be developed. Chain link mesh is made from galvanized steel cords and, for that reason, is prone to deterioration if it is not effectively covered during production or is endangered at all. Chain link zoo mesh can look worn commonly after just a couple of years because of rusting and loss of shape where the mesh is not stainless-steel or very structurally seem.

Specification chain link fence

Dimension of Galvanized Chain Link Fence
Mesh(mm)Wire diameter(mm)Width(m)Length(m)
40*401.8 – 3.00.5 – 4.05-25
50*501.8 – 3.50.5 – 4.05-25
60*601.8 – 4.00.5 – 4.05-25
80*802.5 – 4.00.5 – 4.05-25
100*1002.5 – 4.00.5 – 4.05-25
Dimension of PVC coated Chain Link Fence
Mesh(mm)Wire diameter(mm)Width(m)Length(m)
40*402.8 – 3.80.5 – 4.05-25
50*503.0 – 5.00.5 – 4.05-25
60*603.0 – 5.00.5 – 4.05-25
80*803.0 – 5.00.5 – 4.05-25
100*1003.0 – 5.00.5 – 4.05-25

Jakob Webnet Wire Mesh for Animal Enclosures


Stainless steel cable zoo mesh

Webnet wire mesh is personalized and can be tailored to fit each task’s requirements. Available in a wide variety of rope sizes and mesh apertures and with nearly no restrictions on height and length, Webnet can be customized to fit a host of applications. In addition, Webnet is readily available in a range of surfaces and colors, permitting it to blend into its atmosphere or stand out as a striking design feature.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence mesh tends to find in simply a couple of mesh sizes, without much room for customization. Fabricated in standard lengths and elevations and offered with a restricted number of shade options, chain web link meshes have few customization alternatives. Because of the lack of customization, chain link meshes typically all look the same and tend not to be highly visually pleasing.


The stainless steel cable ropes used to produce stainless steel rope mesh are accurately durable and able to lug severe loads. Where the cable ropes are connected, either woven together or using pressed sleeves, Webnet does not have any loose ends that could cause injury. When installed at the appropriate angle, Webnet is not climbable, using a superb option to supply safety on bridges and car parks.

Chain Link Fencing
As a result of the building and construction of chain link mesh, it can frequently have loose ends, which can cause injuries. Additionally, there is the risk of trapping fingers due to the junctions of the cables not being dealt with in position.

Visual appeals

Webnet-stainless steel zoo mesh

A preferred option amongst architects as a result of its microscopic as well as discreet appearance, Webnet’s stainless steel web looks classy. It can appear almost clear when created with small rope diameters and larger mesh apertures. The addition of Jakob’s Webnet ID plates permits stunning styles, patterns, and logos to be developed in a substantial series of colors, including in Webnet’s already pleasing appearances.

Chain Link Mesh

The diameter of chain link meshes is usually 2mm, more significant than the smaller range of readily available sizes for Webnet cable mesh, making chain link fences much more visible by comparison. Coupling this with its absence of customization options, it can be challenging to design chain web link mesh to be aesthetically pleasing.

Jakob Webnet ID Safety System Jakob Webnet INVISS Frame with Blue RAL

The comparison between Jakob Webnet and chain link mesh in these crucial areas highlights the multitudes of toughness Webnet provides and shows how Webnet can be utilized in many more applications than chain web link mesh. In applications where high quality and security are critical, including for stop nets, balustrading, autumn security, and animal rooms, Webnet’s top qualities make a globe of difference. For applications such as basic fences, chain web link mesh supplies capability and excellent value for cash.

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